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Day In Lisbon

Lisbon will forever be one of my favourite cities. I can not explain Lisbon. There are no words of its beauty and charm, for its bright colours and unique personality. It feels like home yet there is always something to explore and small streets to find out.




The day started with a walk by Praça do Comércio, it is always a good spot to start your Lisbon day. There was a lovely fare with traditional products as well as food and drinks by the sea, plus the street music was dreamy.



IMG_1520We then headed to a famous viewpoint called Miradouro da Graça and S.Jorge’s Castle. Perhaps it is worth mentioned that it is up a hill. We clearly underestimated it as we decided to walk instead of getting the very traditional and popular N28 tram. I have never sweated so much from walking! The 40 degree heat and burning sun turned out walk more into a workout, however it was still really enjoyable and lovely to see all the small and narrow streets.




We were so tired from the heat, we decided to go back down to Praça do Russio, grab some food and get the metro (underground) to visit the Gulbenkian gardens. These are my favourite gardens in Lisbon. My dad used to take me and my brother there all the time. It has two museums made of concrete and beautiful intricate paths surrounded by trees, grass and lakes.




We found two great concrete benches in the shade and finally sat down. There was a slight breeze which helped to cool us down. We had our food and lay there for an hour or so, reading, napping and socializing with the local residents…ducks and black birds. Exploring the gardens was also fun. Even though I’ve been going there for years, there is always something new to see, a new path you have never noticed.

We then got back in the metro, had a coffee outside in the Restauradores and headed back down town, doing a bit of window shopping and enjoying the new fresh breeze. We were exhausted by the time we got home but it was such a lovely well spent.

The End. Thank you so much for reading and letting me share with you my day in Lisbon. I really hope one day you get the chance to visit this beautiful city if you haven’t already, it is sooo worth it! Lots of love,

Ines x




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