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May Favourites 2017

May has been an absolutely crazy month. In between revision and exams I have been ill, got a new part-time job, got elected for a position in my University’s student union, got hit by a cricket ball, ate delicious food, spent a lot of time in the library and continued to have a small caffeine addiction. But here are my favourites…

To Eat

Raw Meals – Since I got a really big shop this month – Big Vegan Food Shop – I had a lot of veggies and fruit that needed to be eaten. My favourite thing has definitely been raw dinners. I had a massive colourful salad for dinner every night for about a week which was super delicious and filling! As I mentioned in my “3 Simple Ways You Can Be Healthier This Spring”, I love eating raw foods as they are so yuumy, hydrating and packed full of goodness. I have been eating at least one raw meal a day (sometimes 2 breakfast and dinner). Makes me feel so guuud and vibrant. But now I ran out of veggies haha.

Morrisons Crunchy Peanut Butter – I always buy the well known healthy brands of peanut butter like Whole Earth or Meridian, simply because they have less ingredients and the percentage of actual peanuts is higher than cheaper brands. However, this month I found the most amazing crunchy peanut butter in Morrisons. Although supermarket’s own brands often use ‘cheaper’ ingredients in their products, this peanut butter is made of 100% peanuts and it tastes amazing! It is not too thick, not too runny…simply perfect. Plus it is a lot cheaper when compared with the other brands. I am obsessed as you can tell! (actually need to go buy more).

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To Watch

Suits – Why have I just started watching this now? I don’t know. But it is so good! Suits is an American series which focuses on the life of a corporate lawyer Harvey. His personality is brilliant! Then there is Mike, he is extremely clever and works with Harvey even though he has never gone to University and is not a certificate lawyer. The series is basically just about them dealing with cases whilst also dealing with drama inside the company. I feel like my description doesn’t sound very appealing, but it is a really easy and entertaining series to watch. Definitely give it a go.

Luther – This is a great British series all about a brilliant detective called Luther. It is quite an emotional series, there are a lot of murders and Luther himself goes through a lot. I found it quite addictive to watch as something always happens when you least expect it. I’ve even watched it at the gym once! Idris Elba is an amazing actor who is simply perfect for the role of Luther. Just a great criminal series! Even if that is not your usual type of series, watch the first episode, it is worth it.

To Wear

Shorts – The weather in England during the month of May was very strange (as per usual), it rained non-stop for a week and then we had the warmest sunny days ever! My legs had to come out! I love wearing shorts, I feel so comfortable and free! So I was very glad I got to wear shorts and get some sunshine. Last night I wore skinny jeans for the first time in a long time…it is just not the same.

Adidas Gazelle – I recently posted an article about my recent “Depop Picks” as I wanted to show you guys how easy it is to get great second-hand clothes. One of my purchases was a pair of black and white Adidas Gazelle trainers and since them I have not stopped wearing them. So glad I got them! They are super comfortable and quite fashionable for a trainer which I really like as all my other trainers are “gym trainers”.

Neon Orange Jumper – See that jumper in the picture below? It is bright orange! I know it does not look very extravagant in the picture but honestly babes, it is bright! Every time I wear it I get lovely comments from people which is very kind. I never buy very colorful clothes, my pop of color is either white, grey or dark green but for some reason (perhaps the nice weather) is making me really excited to add come colour into my wardrobe. It is definitely a fave!

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To Read

Revision Notes – This month all my reading has been towards my exams. Biomechanics, Nutrition, Psychology and Physiology were my reading topics for the month of May. Not the most exciting thing, but it is not going too bad. So yeah, a lot of lecture slides, notes and really heavy books. However, I am really excited to get some new books for my summer reading. I have a huge “To Read” list but can’t decide what book to get. If you have any suggestions, please let me know babe.

To Do

Charity Shopping – I found the most amazing charity shop near my University campus and I literally have to control myself every time I go there because everything is so cheap and so nice. It is so nice to go charity shopping, you never know what you will find and because everything is so cheap I can buy things I usually wouldn’t and experiment a little more with my style which is always fun. Also, the volunteers who work there are so nice and lovely.

Waking Up Early – This month I consciously try to improve my sleeping pattern. So I have been going to bed at 10pm (or just before) and waking up before 7am every morning. Honestly I never felt so good. I get a great sleep and wake up full of energy. I feel like I get a lot more done during the day and feel very motivated in general.

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Sit On A Field – This is the most random thing ever. But with the lovely weather and blue skied we have been having, sitting on a field with my friends has been the best thing. We listen to music, chill, talk and get some sunshine. I sometimes also go sit outside to revise in the sun which makes revision slightly more enjoyable. Simply being outside is literally the best thing ever, I love it so much and can not wait for summer so I can continue to enjoy this amazing weather.

How I Built This – What a great podcast! Each episode is an interview with an entrepreneur(s) talking about how they built their business and made it successful. I have just finished listening the story behind Wholes Foods which I found so inspiring. It is great to hear the stories of people who had so many set backs but yet persisted and  managed to build amazing businesses. They share great life lessons and valuable tips on how to keep going and thrive when the odds are against you. Definitely recommend! Every time I listen to it I feel like starting my own business, perhaps one day.

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That wraps up another favourites post. Sorry I accidentally skipped April, it was quite a busy month, however I did post some of my favourite articles during the month of April here on the blog, so make sure you have a browse and make sure you didn’t miss anything. Thank you so much for being here and reading the blog. As always, lots of love,

Ines x


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