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How To Create A Beautiful Mind

In my opinion a beautiful mind is a mind that looks for love and gratitude in the world.  The power of the mind has always amazed me, if we cultivate it we can feel and be truly beautiful.

It is so easy to get caught up and overwhelmed with everything around us and stop seeing all the beauty and greatness in the world and within people. So I wanted to share with you today my tips to cultivate a beautiful mind.

★ Journaling ★ Start journaling or find a way to unravel and explore your thoughts and let them out of your mind freely with no restrictions. Journaling is in my opinion an amazing way to do self-reflection, become more mindful and cultivate the mind. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry babe, check out my “Guide To Journaling”  and start opening up your soul.

☾ Practice Gratitude☽ Practice gratitude towards the world and people around you. It might be difficult to think of things to be grateful for at first, but keep practicing and you will find more and more things to be grateful for everyday. I feel like gratitude is one of those things that the more you try to see it, the more you will find it. You can find it everywhere.


♥ Spend Time Alone ♥ Make sure you spend time with yourself everyday. This could be whilst you do some journaling or perhaps try meditation, do some stretching, read a book or simply listen to music or a podcast whilst you reflect on your goals, your values, your beliefs. Spend time to get to know yourself, explore where you are at the moment, where you want to be in the future, why you have those certain goals, how do you plan on achieving them. Are you doing what you love at the moment? – these are just a few things you could reflect on and think about whilst you get to know yourself deeper.

❋ Reduce Clutter Around You ❋ I am a big believer that the less clutter around you, the less clutter in the mind. There is nothing like a clean room to clear the head. I like to go through my things quite often and get rid of the things that don’t have a purpose in my life anymore and don’t add any value to my life. I do this with clothes, shoes, papers, books, anything really! And it is my way to ensure I am surrounded by things that add to my life instead of cluttering it.

✿ Take Good Care Of Your Body ✿ There is no doubt that the body and mind are ultimately one. What you put in your body directly affects your brain and mind. For a beautiful mind, you must nurture your body. Eat good and delicious foods. Have an active lifestyle and sweat a few times a week. Rest and get enough sleep. Drink plenty of water. Having a healthy body and spirit will make it a lot easier to cultivate the mind in a positive way.


♥ Inner Beauty ♥ Focus on your inner beauty. Whenever you compliment yourself, focus on your qualities, your beautiful traits and values. Same goes for other people, focus on their personality and qualities. This will train your mind to look further than what is superficial and reduce judgement towards yourself and others.

I hope you found something that serves you in this post and that these tips are helpful in your journey to mindfulness and self-reflection. Thank you so much for reading babe. Los of love,

Ines x



  1. beautiful reminders! journaling always frees those thoughts onto paper and allows clarity. Practicing gratitude is so important, reminding us of how much we have. Thank you for this x

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