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Big Vegan Food Shop

So the other day I basically had NO food. My cupboard included some bits of dried soya, half a kg. of rice and oats – bet I could still make quite a lot of that though. But I order a massive food shop which will last me a good long while. I thought it would be cool to share with you what I go.

I have made a post like this before – Vegan Food Shop – but I think this type of post is so helpful, if you want to include more plant based foods in your diet (or even try to go vegan) and you don’t know what to buy, this is a great post to get some inspiration from. You don’t need to get overwhelmed by vegan recipes and try to buy all the ingredients for all the recipes. Focus on plant foods, carbs, beans, legumes, fruit, nuts and seeds…that is all you need and it will allow you to make a HUGE variety of recipes and delicious meals!

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Fruit! I didn’t get load of fruit because I usually by fruit weekly rather than a huge amount at once. This time I got a bag of tangerines, 5 bananas, a couple of apples, a case of delicious strawberries and lemons for sauces, salads and to flavour water. I will most likely get some oranges, mango, more apples and other bits next week.

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I got a lot of potatoes: normal white potatoes, sweet potatoes and baking jacket potatoes! I also got a bag of carrots (which I’ve been obsessed with), parsnips (great for soups), red onions (my fave!) and a butternut squash, my favourite way to cook it is to roasted, it makes it really sweet and delicious.

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More carbs! I had some brown rice at home so I didn’t get any this time, but I usually buy a massive bag. I got some wholewheat penne pasts, normal white pastacouscouswholemeal tortilla wraps (they are great for quick lunches or a snacks), green split peaspumpkin seeds (a daily essential) and a pack of rough oatcakes, they are a great filling snack…amazing with coffee.

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Beans beans beans! I got kidney beans, mixed beans, baked beans (reduced salt), green lentils, two cans of chopped tomatoes (so versatile and great for everything) and finally two cans of coconut milk which I love putting in Thai and indian curries. I also got some tofu which I never ever do (don’t know why), but I am excited to experiment with some recipes.

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Time for some veg loving. Okay I know tomatoes are a fruit, please forgive me haha. I got some cheery tomatoes and salad tomatoes for my huge bowls of salads for dinner. Also got some beautiful peppers, aubergine, mushrooms (an essential), broccoli (one of my favourite veg), beetroot, cucumber and garlic. For some reason I also threw in there some passata with basil (great for pasta sauces) and hummus (my favourite thing in the whole word). I also got some frozen peas and frozen sweet corn but I forgot to take a picture of those.

That is all I got from my ASDA delivery. However, I needed a couple more things that I couldn’t get in ASDA, so the next day I made a quick trip to Morrisons.

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My last bit of food shopping included a huge bag of spinachkale and lettuce which I really like using salads and in everything else really. Also got more bananas, they were reduced for being spotty but they are perfectly fine and I love my bananas very ripe anyway. Got some blackforest fruits (for yummy smoothies), dates (obviously!), unsweetened soya milk and some toilet paper.

That concludes today’s post, as I said previously, I hope this helps you come up with your shopping list. Of course, everyone has their on ‘essentials’, this is just what I personally like to eat. Simple, easy yet delicious food that are easy to incorporate in any recipe. Thank you so much for reading. Lots of love,

Ines x





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