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Depop Picks

You know I am a big fan of ethical consumerism! I have been slowly introducing it into my life since last year when I first started learning about Ethical Fashion, Eco-Fashion and Ethical Ways To Shop.

Depop has quickly become one of my favourite platforms to buy either used or new pieces for a lot cheaper and without the environmental and social impact. I am honestly obsessed, there are so many bargains I have to control myself. Why even pay full price anymore in high street shops?!

Today I am sharing with you two things I recently got from Depop. I am so pleased with them! Hopefully this post will inspire you to give Depop and second hand clothing a try.

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Topshop Mum Jeans: my mum jeans are all too big for me, I think they might have stretched due to wear, therefore I wanted a new pair for the Spring / Summer. I always go for the same old black jeans, but when I saw these babies I thought they would be great for Spring and cold British Summer days. I got them a size smaller than the usual, they were quite tight at first but after wearing them a few times they feel amazing! They are in perfect condition and were literally a fourth of the price of Topshop jeans from the high street.

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Adidas Gazelle: I am a trainers girl! I have quite a few trainers but I always felt like there was a ‘gap’ in my trainer collection. All my trainers were either running or gym trainers, not just ‘lifestyle’ trainers (in my head that makes sense). I’ve always wanted the Authentic Vans in black and white, but everyone has them and they are too expensive for my student budget. I was eyeing these for a while, and when I saw a pair on Depop in great condition for a fraction of the original price…I could not resist! I think they look great with pretty much any outfit in my wardrobe and are super comfortable. The only downside is that suede is very difficult to clean and I already managed to get them quite dirty, but I will figure something out.

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Thank you so much for reading. Let me know your thoughts on second hand clothing in the comments! Feel free to check out my Depop shop @ines_castro88, where I sell bits of my wardrobe I don’t wear anymore as well as vintage pieces I find in Nottingham. Lots of love,

Ines x


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