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March Favourites 2017

This month absolutely flew by. A lot of things come to my mind when I think about March: grey rainy days, nights with crazy friends, pub nights, slow mornings, HIIT workouts, lots of dancing, volleyball and lovely human beings.

To Eat

Lasagne – I’ve definitely been trying to be more adventurous in the kitchen. Lasagne is my new project and I am obsessed! It is so warming and creamy. As soon as I have a good recipe down to perfection you will be the first ones to know.

Raw cocoa power – so good in smoothies, porridge and hot chocolate. Don’t be mistaken, it is not sweet like chocolate, it is quite bitter which I actually love, but when mixed with dates, bananas or sugar it tastes super delicious.

Black coffee – this month involved a lot of coffee, black coffee. I love to enjoy a good cup of coffee in a nice cafe. Nottingham has great spots. But there is also nothing better than getting home, making a cup of coffee and relax…

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To Watch

13th – yes, I am very late to the party. But if you have not yet watched this Netflix Original documentary, please do! It is all about the history of black people and inequality in the United States.It is so inspiring. I found it quite hard to watch and very emotional at times, but it is totally worth the watch.

Abstract – I find this series so inspiring. Each episode is an interview with a different professional designer. Every time I watch it I feel like writing, blogging…creating something. It really inspires me to see other people creating and doing it for a living. It is incredible to watch their thought process, the way different designers get inspired and express it. Very refreshing.

Love – Another season of the Netflix Original series Love was released this month! I absolutely loved the first season so I was really excited. I have to confess…I didn’t love the first couple of episodes but I powered through and half way through the season and could not stop watching it. It just got better and better. Third season please hurry up!

Skins – I have a love hate relationship with this one. I hate how much I like it. It is a British series about a very dramatic group of friends. They are all so different and unique. Always involved in all sorts of drama, drugs and sex. There is always something happening and it is so interesting how these teenagers grow and their relationships develop.

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To Wear

Tights – tights are so much more comfortable than jeans! The weather is finally getting better which means my legs can finally be out (with tights). The only down side of wearing tights is that they rip so easily, it is so annoying. I need to learn how to take good care of my tights.

Bare nails – short bare nails just felt better this month. I was quite active with volleyball and gym, so going all natural was just easier and more practical. I find when my nails get long it is a lot harder to keep them looking nice so they shall stay short at least for now.

To Read

7 Habits of Highly Effective People – this is the book I have been reading. Such an easy yet fascinating read. I definitely recommend it for those who are looking to be more productive and focused on what they want to achieve in life and build good relationships with those around them.

Samantha’s Blog – Samantha is a lifestyle blogger who has recently become a beautiful mummy. I am obsessed with her blog because of her sense of style. She has such a classic yet edgy style, I always feel really inspired when I see her outfits and styling tips. Her handbag and shoe collections are to die for! She is so nice and friendly, definitely recommend you checking her blog out. Plus her instagram is amazing!

The Mindfulness Mission – this past month I had the great opportunity to write for The Mindfulness Mission blog about “What is Eco-Fashion?”. I love this blog as it has multiple of contributors who love to write about veganism and mindfulness living. The blog has amazing posts and everyone is so nice and passionate about spreading a good message.


To Do

Going on walks – walk walk walk everywhere. This month I walked a lot, I think I pretty much hit my goals of 10,000 steps ever day which is quite an achievement for me. Specially now that I am back home from uni, I love going on long walks and wander around.  It is a great way to feel grounded, do some exercise and get the body moving.

HIIT and Tabata workouts – I have been loving short yet really intense workouts, that way I can get my workout done in less than an hour. I’ve been really inspired by crossfit, so I’ve been including loads of explosive moves, burpees and weight lifting.

Minimizing – I’ve always liked to minimize, i don’t like to have a lot of stuff. This past month my room left really cluttered perhaps cause it is so small! It has been so good to get ride of some clothes I don’t wear, random paper, books, etc. Both my mind and my space feel clearer and less busy.

2-4-1 cocktails – going out for drinks is even better when you get one for free! Yes going out clubbing to dance is fun, but this month I’ve been loving to sit at a bar with my friends and be able to talk all night long. Fun fun nights.

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Posts of the month…

Vegan Food Shop

Nottingham’s Vegan Market #2

Sukin – Cleanser & Moisturiser Review

What is Eco-Fashion?

Struggles Of An Ethical Consumer

Exposing H&M

That is it for my list of favourites. Thank you so much for reading, let me know some of your favourites in the comments, I would love to know. Hope you had a lovely month, lots of love,

Ines x


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