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Exposing H&M

In my last blog post – Struggles of an ethical consumer – one of my tips to overcome the struggles of an ethical consumer was to find out what high-street brands are slightly more ethical, for example Patagonia. I 100% believe and support that. I also mentioned that I recently bought I really nice basic jumper from H&M’s “conscious” collection. The jumper is made of 60% recycled cotton and by buying this product I thought at least I contributing to some sustainability, instead of going for the 100% synthetic and cheaper option.

Whilst I was writing my previous post I went on H&M’s website and read the sustainability pages. I knew it was a bunch of crap. But although I knew H&M is not an ethical brand, I believed that least this “conscious” collection was a great attempt to try to do better. I thought they were contributing by making sustainability more mainstream.

A day after I bought this jumper, this video pop up on my YouTube feed and I had to share it here on the blog! This video was so eye opening for me! It illustrates how easily it is for brands to manipulate consumers to believe they are caring for the environment in order to make the brand look good and hide the true harm they are causing to the environment and to people.

This video was definitely a wake up call for me. I need to start doing a little bit more digging when it comes to high-street brands and to not believe in their “fake sustainability / ethical” statements and adverts. It really annoys me how they manipulate people to believe they are become sustainable…H&M is a big NO for me from now on!

Thank you for reading babes, would love to know your thoughts in the comments. definitely watch the video, it is packed with great information. Lots of love,

Ines x



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  2. slebby says

    Wow that video was eye opening. I don’t shop at H&M, but i did think they were really trying to do better. Guess not :-\


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