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Nottingham’s Vegan Market #2

The first Saturday of each month is vegan market day! It is a very exciting day for me as it means I get to eat all sorts of sweets and vegan goodies I don’t usually have. For some live updates on what I am up to and all the vegan yuumy food I eat, make sure my Instagram page @ines_castro88.

I have to admit that this month’s market was not as good as previous ones, perhaps because my two favourite stalls weren’t there so I didn’t get to eat my beloved vegan cheesecake…However, I did try some other delicious food!

First I had a sausage wrap with caramelized onions and chilli sauce. This was so good! I usually have vegan sausages at home but there is definitely something special about this wrap that makes it sooo much better than the tradition sausage roll.


We found a lovely couple who had a stall filled with delicious Indian cosine, all vegan of course! We got two giant vegetable samosas and chickpeas curry. You really can’t tell by the picture but these were the biggest samosas I have ever seen! I only had one as they were a bit too spicy for me. The chickpeas were also really good. We then went back again to get my boyfriend another samosa. I am pretty sure these samosas will become a monthly tradition.


Onto cake, of course! We had two pieces of cake. An orange, pistachio & chocolate one and a chocolate and Oreo icing one. Both cakes were so rich! They had incredible and very distinctive flavours. We were so full we struggled to finish them and saved some for later. I love love love cake so this was such a nice treat.



This is the end of another vegan market. I know it does not look like we ate a lot of food but trust me…we were so full! Check out the previous Vegan Market post, to see more vegan goodies. Thank you so much for reading. Make sure you check if your city has any cool markets with vegan babes, it is so much fun! See ya, lots of love,

Ines x


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