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Vegan Food Shop

Food shopping is one of my favourite things to do. I love having fresh fruit and veggies! I have been doing my own shopping since moving to Uni and to be completely honest, in the beginning I struggled to think of the things I needed, however, after a lot of weeks of practice, I now know my staple things and ‘must haves’ that I pretty much get every week.

Today I thought I would share will you what this week’s grocery list looked like, hopefully it will give you some inspiration about what to buy to make yuumy vegan meals. Do keep in mind that there are things here that I don’t buy every week like tooth paste, onions, etc.  Also, I have some food in the house already  (like potatoes, frozen veg, etc), so I didn’t need to buy those “must have foods”. This is just a random shop basically hahah

Shopping List


First place I shop at is ASDA. I do an online shop so that all this food is delivered to my house. It is convenient, quick and cheap. I find that ASDA is one of the cheapest shops and usually has good deals on vegetarian and vegan options. Besides what it is on the shopping list, I also got some vegan sausages, oven chips, a salad mix and some spaghetti. It came to a total of £32.25

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These bits I got at Home Bargains because they are a lot cheaper there! Except the cacao powder, that was from a health shop. It came to a total of £8.90. But do keep in mind I don’t buy any of these every week as they will last me quite a long time.

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This is all I got so far, I will probably buy some more fruit at a market next week, because I only got bananas and apples. Fruit and veg in markets is soooo cheap. I love it love it love it! Thank you so much for reading, lot of love,

Ines x



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