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Knowledge Is Power

“Rise Of The Wise”

I just got the latest issue of the Asos magazine and oh boy it is a good one! “Knowledge is power” is the theme of their spring issue, marked by the “Rise of the Wise” motto. I felt so inspired from the moment I flipped the first page.

You might be thinking…Asos magazine…sounds like a lot of adverts telling you to buy all their clothes and spend money. That’s what I first thought. But I was very surprised to find amazing content with beautiful ‘real people’ and inspiring stories.

In the past few years I have really focused on having a holistic approach to knowledge. Knowledge about my body, mind, food, planet, people, etc. So today I want to share with you important things I’ve learned and how they empowered me and made me rise.tumblr_static_eglnm4oqtegc0o00c0wks4wcc1. Knowing my body: coming from a past of anxiety and depression, learning to listen to my body is a big one for me. This was something I really struggled with a few years ago as I used to put so much pressure on myself and my body. It took me a long time to become vulnerable enough to allow myself to give into my body. To allow myself to feel. When I finally gave in I found an exhausted, unhealthy body. Nowadays, I listen to my body and what it needs. I take care of my body with the respect and gratitude it deserves for all it does for me.

2. Knowing love: I am only 19 years old as I write this. We can argue that there is a lot  I still need to learn about love. However, one thing that I have learned in the past year is that love is within all of us, and regardless of what some people say, love doesn’t come and go. Love is always there if we allow ourselves to see it. Love is not always the same, it has different shapes. Love is not always the butterflies in the stomach or holding hands. Love feels different with different people. There should be no expectations when it comes to love or what it should be. Just let it be present in whatever shape it wants to be.

3. Knowing my values: looking into my values is something I’ve been challenging myself with for the past year or so. Looking into my life and acknowledging what actually fits with what I truly believe in. I believe in love, kindness, gratitude, compassion, fairness, change, growth(…). Learning to live within my core values has been so rewarding yet challenging as it made me question a lot about myself and my lifestyle. But these changes also gave me this constant contentment and gratitude for life that I desire to keep exploring.beta_design_simple_space_tattoo_by_dreamingkay-d7upbqw4. Knowing the power of the mind: most people are not aware of how amazingly powerful the mind is. I became aware of our powerful the mind is when I had anxiety and panick attacks. To be honest it really fascinated me how my mind had such a massive impact on my body and how I felt. If my mind can make me feel miserable and depressed then it can also make me feel high and in peace. I learned about mindfulness, meditation, relaxation techniques, breathing techniques…exploring my mind, unraveling my thoughts, fears, traits, desires(…). I got to know myself at a deeper level, in very vulnerable states, very high and low states. It empowered me as I feel confident about my mental state and what I can do with it.

5. Knowing about my health: learning that health is holistic and taking care of all components of my health as made me rise and shine. Of course becoming vegan was a massive step in terms of health as the benefits of being vegan are simply undeniable nowadays! If people still believe that there is a healthier diet than veganism than you are not seeing the true facts. I can happily send you scientific literature that will help you get some answers. Besides my diet, my mental health has never been better. Of course I get anxious and stressed like everyone else, but I feel very confident about my abilities to deal with it. My spiritual health is something I am gradually working. It gives me great pleasure to focus on my spirituality as I feel like it ties everything I do together, however, it can be quite time consuming hence why sometimes I don’t focus on it as much as I would like to. Working on it!

Leaving it here for now babes. Thank you so much for reading! Feel free to let me know in the comments what things you have learned that empowered you and made you rise from the wise hehe. Lots of love,

Ines x


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