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Steps To Happiness


We are all striving to be happy in life. I think happiness requires three things: mindfulness, compassion and gratitude. If we cultivate those three then whether the sky is blue or grey will not dictate how happy we are. Today I am sharing with you guys the things that helped me to be really happy and content with life.

Mindfulness: practice being mindful throughout the day, regardless of what you are doing. Being mindful means being present and aware of what you are doing. Focusing on your present rather than getting lost in thoughts wanting something for the future or reminiscing on the past.

Be aware of your thoughts: pay attention and recognise when you are thinking and what your thoughts are. This is a good way to identify certain thought patterns, worries, anxieties, negative thoughts, etc.

Take time to breathe: breathing is such an automatic thing for us that we often put little to no thought into it. But actually focusing on your breath is one of the best ways to calm you down, make you grounded, focused and present in the moment. So taking a couple of minutes to take some deep breaths is a great way to embrace what you have in the present.


Be grateful: there are numerous things to be grateful for, however it can take time to see them. Practice being grateful for what you have and you find that soon it will become an effortless exercise. Things to be grateful for include your body and how it moves and allows you to live; the fact that you are breathing and filling your lungs with air; the clothe over your body; having the opportunity to be at school and get a good education; having food to fuel your body…the list is endless.

Set intentions for the day: setting an intention gives you a goal, makes you more focused on achieving it and allows you to be aware of your accomplishments. Setting intentions can be making a ‘to do’ list or simply reminding yourself that in that particular day you want to read, meditate, listen to an album, be more kind, be patient, etc. Being focused on what you want to achieve in your day and recognise that you have accomplished it is a great way to feel productive and fulfilled.


Share share share: don’t be scared to share your thoughts, emotions, worries and anxieties with others. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Being happy and content with life doesn’t mean smiling all the time. It means accepting the lows. Everyone has lows…days when we don’t feel particularly great, but sharing it with others helps us to understand it (as we have to verbalize it), accept it and come to see it as a normal thing. And of course, also be willing to share what is making you happy and what you are grateful for. If you feel like you have no one to talk to, look deeper…look at me for example, I share everything by writing a blog.

Cultivate something you love: what is it that you love to do? Writing, reading, playing a sport, taking pictures, making videos, gardening…whatever it is. Make sure you cultivate it. Find time to do it. Make it one of your priorities. If you can’t think of anything you love to do then that is cool. Try out different things, hobbies, sports, clubs and see what you identify best with. Working towards something you love is very empowering and will give you a sense of fulfillment.

Quite a long post today babes but I hope you found it helpful. I would love to know your thoughts so share share share. Until next time, lots of love,

Ines x




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