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Vegan LUSH Highlighter

Shine shine shine. Glitter glitter glitter!

Those are two very exciting words that go through my head everyday. I am all about that natural healthy glow but at the same time I love bright shiny cheekbones and glowing eyelids.


On the search for a new highlighter I came across LUSH – Feeling Younger Skin Tint…and babes…this is a game changer! I have always loved LUSH as they are against all types of animal abuse, meaning most of their products are VeganCruelty Free, Handmade and are packed Sustainably. What more can a girl ask for?!


Where are a couple of reasons why I am in love with this product:

➮ Very easy to blend.

➮ A very tiny amount goes a long way!

➮ Very long-lasting.

➮ Perfect for both natural and more dramatic makeup looks.

➮ Fresh natural  products! No animal products or animal testing!

➮ Gives you the most beautiful glow with both natural and artificial lights.


The main ingredients are oats, orange flower water, almond oil and fair trade organic cocoa butter which I believe to be the reason why the highlighter is so smooth and easy to blend. You can access the full list of ingredients and find out what they do on the LUSH website .

Price: £12 per 20g. I believe I paid £14 as mine had a little bit more than 20g. In my opinion it is worth every penny. It is a very high quality vegan product and the fact that will last me a very long time (even though I use it everyday) might actually save me some money at the end.

Overall the main message of this post is: get this highlighter is you love to glow! I wish I could give you all a little bit to try on, but if you get the chance pop into a LUSH and ask them to try it on…maybe get yourself a cheeky sample to take home. You will love it!

Hope you enjoyed the post, thank you for reading. Let me know about your favourite makeup brand in the comments. Lots of love,

Ines x


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