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What Is Freedom?


What is freedom? What is it like “to be free”?

I’ve always loved to travel, to meet people, to be independent. I’ve always wanted to be free. To do my own thing, to live my life the way I wanted to.

Nowadays being a “free spirit” is advocated in social media. It is seen as something to become or achieve. It is used as a compliment and something to admire in others.

I used to think that being free meant to not be attached. To not be attached to anyone or anything. I thought freedom was being able to do what makes me happy without being apologetic. I thought freedom was to not be trapped by people or things.

Now I am working on redefining my definition of freedom. I need to remind myself that freedom does not equal being alone. I can still be free when people love me. And I can love and be free.

To be free is to not chase after the things that make you happy. To be free is to embrace all you have in front of you. To be grateful and in peace with whatever comes your way. To be free is to allow love to be present. To be allow yourself to be vulnerable and unapologetic about it. To be free is to make decisions considering others with compassion instead of focusing only on the self.

At the moment this is my definition of freedom. Whats yours?

Lots of luuuving babes,

Ines x




  1. Most of the time the chains we bind ourselves with are our own chains. When I look back I know that all the times I felt as if I weren’t free it was due to my own decisions to keep myself bound to something or someone. It is true that I have to work each day and support my way of life and in itself feels as if I am not so free at times. But the truth is that I have the freedom to change that situation any time I like. If I want to take a walk besides a mighty waterfall, sit on the beach and watch the tide come in, or just pursue to make a better life for myself I simply can because I am truly free.

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    • Yeah I completely agree! Just because we have responsibilities, for example a job like you mentioned, it does not mean we aren’t free :)) It is very true, we often trap ourselves and take away our own freedom without even realising. I personally think it is all a mindset. Thank you so much for sharing.

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      • I thought long and hard about opening my own Pizzeria. The thought at first was that of great independence but as I started planning I realized that I was creating my own form of self slavery. Long hours, limited vacation time. I would pretty much be a slave to my own creation.

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