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Goals For 2017

With the start of University, exams and life in general, I have been too busy (and ill!) to share with you my goals for 2017, but here I am today and very excited to be taking to you!

I am not big on resolutions but I am definitely a fan of sitting down and reflecting on what we want to accomplish and do…even if they seem small or perhaps silly. I divided my goals and things I want to achieve into categories.

➭ Health – To be raw vegan for 3 days. Include more raw meals in my diet. Start taking Omega 3. Take better care of my skin.

➭ Travel – Go to France and Germany (at least!)

➭Hobbies – To read more. Meditate regularly. Stop watching so much Netflix!

➭ Love – To cultivate self-love. To spend more time with myself for myself. To become better at expressing love.

➭ Food – Make (vegan) sushi at home. Make my own pad thai. Go to a Thai restaurant.

➭ For fun – Go to the vintage cinema in Nottingham. Go to a ice hockey game. Go to a concert. Get a manicure and pedicure.

➭ Adventures – Road trip (preferably to Cornwall). Go camping. Go on a hike.

➭ Career – Post more regularly on the blog. Write for other blogs as a guest blogger. Find a part-time job. Achieve a 2:1 at the end of the year. Set up a revision schedule.

➭ Living – Set up a weekly budget. Have a specific meditation area in my room. Have a big dinner with all my house mates.

➭ Sport – Do yoga 2-3 times a week. Continue to play volleyball. Start running again (once a week).

The end. This is my long list of little things to do and achieve. Even though some things might seem very irrelevant like “going to a Thai restaurant”, thinking and reflecting about it sets the an intention and we are more likely to go through it.

I would love if you could share in the comments some of your goals for 2017. I am wishing you all a wonderful and bright year babes. Lots of love,

Ines x

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