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Dear 2016

Last post of the year! It seemed appropriate to reflect on this past year and share my thoughts with you. Here it is, my year (or the bits I can remember) and why I loved it so much.


In the beginning of 2016 I was in my last year of Sixth Form. It was by far the best year of high school, I had such a great time with my girl gang, did really well in sport and finished with excellent grades. I got multiple Uni offers and after a lot of paper work, I made it into University! Since September I am officially a Sport and Exercise Science student at Nottingham Trent and absolutely love it! I can not wait to continue my degree and make the most out of it.



This year I was able to visit my family in Portugal three times (In April, July and December) which was amazing and I am so grateful to be able to see my friends and family that often. I also absolutely love Portugal – it is so beautiful! – it is always a pleasure to visit such stunning country and enjoy the weather! Morocco in September was another great adventure! Honestly, it was just so cool, I saw and experienced things I never thought I would. Being in a completely different culture was so inspiring and I will never forget it. Check out my post about Morocco.

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I have been so lucky this year as I have been surrounded by wonderful people. This year I met so many different people. I have started and cultivated new friendships and I had incredible moments with old school babes and complete strangers. I am so grateful for all of it. I have found people who accept my weirdness, my craziness and most importantly, my accent hahah. I also got the incredible chance to see some friends from Germany and Portugal who come visit me in England, it was so good to see them!

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2016 was a year full of love. I have felt the love & I have spread love. There was a lot of self-love, which I learned to cultivate and cherish. There was a lot of girl love as I treasured the time I spent with my girl gang and met new amazing women. And there was also a lot of love from and to my best friend. I am so grateful I got to share this year with him. He is by far the most kind and considerate person I know. He can be the funniest person to be with but at the same time he is not scared of starting an intellectual conversation. He is so passionate about things, he inspires me to try my hardest in everything I do and reassures me that regardless of the end result, I am still amazing. Throughout this year we had some incredible moments…and not so great moments…but always with love in our hearts. I hope love continues to guide us throughout 2017.



The blog changed a lot this year. I got my own domain (woow), I completely changed the look of the blog – I am trying to go for a more magazine look – and I am happy with the content I am putting up. A lot more people joined the gang which is amazing. Thank you so much to everyone who follows the blog, ever commented or liked the posts. It is so nice to have had more interaction with you guys this year and get your feedback. I also had the chance to collaborate with RawApparel this year which was such a cool experience and I am so grateful to have been featured in their blog twice. I am excited to keep writing and growing the blog this next year. And as I always say, join me at your own risk.

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Random Stuff

All bits random including the fact that this year I did some great reading! Very happy about that! I also started doing a lot more yoga which I am very motivated to keep improving throughout 2017. Still going strong with my veganism, loving it more and more by the day, this year I got more involved in vegan activism and communities which I enjoyed very much. This year it felt great to stand next to what I believe in and want to live by it. I ate some great food and my cooking got so much better! I got involved in a new sport, volleyball, which is a challenge I have been loving! And the last thing I can remember is that I took more time for myself – I must have spent so many hours meditating in 2016! I spent time with myself reading and writing, walking and listening to music and doing my own things which really helped me grow and get a better sense of self.

Thank you so much for reading and for supporting the blog. I appreciate every single one of you and wish you an amazing 2017 with lots and lots of love,

Ines x



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