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Daniela Pedroso – My(Self)

Welcome back to the blog and to the My(self) series. This series is all about exploring human beings. It is about discovering the different paths everyone goes through. It is about recognising how special each individual is. I love people. I want to tell you about some people I know, so you can get to know them a little bit too. Hope you enjoy!

Name: Daniela Pedroso                           Nationality: Portuguese

Age: 18                                                         Intagram: @danielapedrosoo

Daniela is a portuguese blogger who has a beautiful website all about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Daniela and I used to go to the same high school and when I saw on Facebook that she started a blog I was thrilled! Although the blog is fairly new, she has been so successful, has had opportunities to feature brands such as Benefit and even go to Lisbon Fashion Week.


When did your passion for fashion started?”

“I have always loved fashion, however, I was a bit scared of people’s judgement and afraid they might see me as a superficial person. Only when I changed my mindset and started caring less about what people said is when I gained the courage to start the blog and talk about what I have always been passionate about.”

“Whats different about your blog?”

“I openly talk about issues we all face such as confidence issues, breakups, etc…I see a lot of artificial bloggers nowadays, a lot of adverts, forced smiles and I don’t like that. If I want to see adverts I will watch tv or open a magazine. I also feel like in Portugal there aren’t a lot of fashion bloggers who talk about high-end brands, fashion shows and trends…specially young bloggers. I believe in delivering something authentic that people can relate with and get inspired by”

“How do you like to shop? Alone or with friends?”

“Alone, definitely. I always know what I want to get so it is easier to just go in and get what I need. Also, because I am very into fashion, often I want to buy or try something other people might find “horrible” or “impossible to wear”. Although I respect the opinion of my friends I don’t want their opinion to influence me and keep me from wearing something I like.”


“What are your plans for the future?”

“I am not gonna lie, I want to make a living blogging and working in the fashion industry. I want to stay in contact with brands and start getting my name into the fashion industry. I see myself being successful and joying my job.”

“If you could change something in the world, what would it be?”

“I would end hatred. I hate when people feel the need to put others down to make themselves feel better. Sometimes it seems people take pleasure in being mean to others, I don’t understand. I have seen it so many times, and it has happened to me, people make fun of you and put you down because you have different passions or interestes…I hate that.”

“Favourite drink”

“Somersby, the blackberry one. I love berries! I love everything with berries.”


“Any NY resolutions?”

“I am waiting for 2017 to start my fitness journey hahah.”

“Where would you like to travel next?”

“Paris and London! I love Paris but also would love to go to London, Amsterdam, Italy and New York although New York is not in my budget. #danielagoesLondon2017.

“What do you think everyone needs to have in their lives?”

“Tooth brush, sunglasses, phone, a good book, mascara, a good lip balm and lip scrub. My fave lip scrub recipe: simply honey and sugar, works wonders! Super cheap and quick.”

Please stalk Daniela on her social media: @danielapedrosoo and make sure to check out her beatiful blog – www.danielapedroso.pt

Thank you so much for reading babes. I hope you enjoyed meeting a person who has inspired me so much. She is such an open hearted person, strong and determined, she is truly a babe and deserves all your loving. Lots of love,

Ines x


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