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My Christmas Wish List {2016}

Babes I am feeling Christmassy! I am so excited to be reunited with my family and eat lots and lots of yummy food!

Every Christmas I struggle to come up with a wish list. I always liked to be surprised. It is great to feel like your family and friends know you well. But it is also great to get something you really want / need as it saves you money and it is useful. Therefore, I am a fan a wish lists. No shame heheh.

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The record player (turntable) has been on every birthday and Christmas list for a while, I will definitely get one (hopefully this one!) at some point in life ahah. Vans! I’ve always wanted a pair, the black and white ones, but never got around to actually buy them. I’ve recently found this nude pair which I ADORE! It is a Very difficult decision but I will definitely get a pair even if Santa doesn’t get it for me.

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A book, I always want a book. My list of books to read is very long, however, I always run out of books to read. In fact, I often read my books twice haha. Since starting Uni I have been hunting for the perfect coffee tumbler. I spend a lot of time at the library where coffee is very overpriced…I need a tumbler. My favourite brand is KeepCup, I am obsessed! They are such a beautiful brand and great quality. This particular one is called “Expresso”…my favourite!

A winter coat. If you read my November Goals post, you know I have been looking for a winter coat. I love that grey one from Zara but unfortunately is always sold out. I also have my eyes on another Zara coat, a black long one. Both amazing! I am currently using one of my boyfriend’s coats as a survival blanket (which I love! – thanks Mitch), but I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. I love this wall tapestry! I have been meaing to get it since moving into Uni as I have a big blank wall where this would be perfect on. I think it would make my room feel nice and cozy. Definitely getting it asap.

Finally, I have a scratch map. I am sure you have seen these everywhere online and I know it is cliche of me to get it, but it is something I’ve wanted for aaaages but never got! I love travelling and I think this is such a great way to keep track of yout travels as well as to plan future ones.

Okie dokie, this is the end of my Christmas wish list. It is a big one this year! I suppose this can be considered my Christmas + “what I am planning to buy in the future” list haha.

Thank you for reading. Share in the comments what is on your Christmas list, I would love to know. Lots of love,

Ines x




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