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Nottingham’s Vegan Market

In Nottingham there is a lovely monthly vegan market that I have come to love and adore! It is always on the first Saturday of each month and it is such a great thing to do outdoors, it has a great atmosphere and lots and lots of yummy food and amazing people.

If you follow me on Instagram @ines_castro88, you would have seen a couple of pictures from last month’s market which included cheesecake, a jackfruit burger and a delicious crepe with chocolate sauce and fresh fruit.

This month I thought I would share on the blog a few things we ate. I didn’t manage to take a picture of everything as I got too excited with the food and forgot to take pictures hehe classic me.

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After having two sausage rolls between us whilst wandering around the market, we sat down with all the food we collected, and the feast began. Just like last month, I had to get a piece of cheesecake! Cheesecake has always been one of my favourite deserts and this vegan one is sooo good!

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We also had BBQ pulled jackfruit with vegan cheese in a tortilla served with some salad and chips. I never ever have vegan cheese, so it was so nice to try new flavours and textures. It was so yummy! Check out the people behind the delicious cheesecake and BBQ jackfruit on Instagram (@unless_hardcore_vegan_catering).

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Vegan junk food! This was a delicious donut topped with chocolate sauce and chocolate brownie. Why would you eat a donut with a chocolate brownie on top? I don’t know, but I definitely recommend!

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I could not resist a piece of this raw vegan coconut and raspberry. I was so full I had to save it for later hence why it is not looking its best in this picture, however, it was the most beautifully made, delicious raw cake EVAAAR! The lady who makes these raw cakes is relly sweet. She makes everything herself and the amount of ingredients, spices and time that go into her creations is unbelivable. Have a look at her amazing cakes on her Facebook page –


If you haven’t been to a vegan market, I highly encourage you to do so, even if you are not plantbased. You will not only find great food but also lovely people! I love the fact that I can try things I never thought I would, and eat things I haven’t  had in a veeery long time like cheesecake and sausage rolls.

Thank you for reading! I promise next month I will take more and better pictures. Lots of love!


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