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Last night I felt very overwhelmed. I had all sorts of feelings and didn’t know what to do or why I was feeling that way. I felt very restless and lost not knowing what to do to easy my mind. It is during times like these that I need to remind myself that I am human. My mind is not black and white. It is not a constant flow, it has ups and downs. Thinking and feeling are what makes me human and what a wonderful thing to be.

I wrote this as I was embracing my present mind by writing my thoughts down. When I finished, there was no more resistance to my human mind and emotions. Everything there was in my mind was now out on paper. I was at peace with my feelings. I feel very intensively, it is time I embrace and accept it, instead of resisting it.

If you need to feel, let yourself feel and then move on. Acknowledge it and let it go by accepting and honouring that human part of yourself.

You are a magical babe. Stay in your light & be bright


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