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After The USA Election…

This is crazy. This world is a crazy place. It is scary.

I find it scary that so many people encourage and support racism, sexism and homophobia. They support a man who is proud to be a misogynist, against all cultures and religions but his own. This is very scary!

It makes me wonder if I have been living in a bubble. As a UK resident, and despite the EU referendum outcome, I feel safe. I feel like I live in a country where mentalities are changing. Love is winning over hatred. We have challenged the concepts of gender, sexuality, religion and boarders with empathy and acceptance. Yes, I know it is not all peace, love and not everyone has the same beliefs, but there seems to be great compassion and love.

I am shocked! I am devastated. I am a believer of human kindness, compassion and empathy. It is almost like this election is proving me that I am wrong. But I can’t let that happen. I won’t let that happen and neither should you.

You might wonder why I even care if I don’t live in America. We are one. We all share the same planet. Countries are more connected than ever. I feel for my neighbours, my country of origin, my country of residence. America is a big country with a lot of power. Regardless, Trump shall not dictate how we behave, our beliefs and values. He might be the president of the United States of America but he is #notmypresident.

People are scared, confused and lost. But we can not let this election dim our light. In fact, this is when light is most needed. He won, he is preaching his hatred. We must shout louder. We must remind every one of our light. Our fight for the LGBT community, blacklifesmatter, women rights, how we all stood together against terrorism…

Now, more than ever, we need to support each other. If the president degrades women, we shall empower each other. If the president shames the LGBT community, we shall show them love. If muslims are disrespected, we shall stand by their side. More than ever we must respect and honor equality and freedom of expression for all.

I am sending my love to everyone in America. Whoever you are, whoever you voted for. If you voted for Trump…I am confused. Are you angry with the world? Have women hurt you this bad you would support a misogynist? Has the LBGT community offended you this much you would support someone who despises gay, lesbians, bis, trans?  Have you gone so blind you forgot what empathy and compassion are? I am sending much love your way. Shall compassion and love brighten your corrupted mind and make you start thinking with empathy.

Much love to all latinos, muslims, african americans, LGBT’s, women, immigrants, black, white. We must remind everyone that there is love. So much love.



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