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Why I Don’t Weigh Myself

In the last couple of years I weighted myself constantly. Mainly due to my involvement in sport, taking part in sport and studying sport. I used to weigh myself about twice a week, and used to find it quite interesting, I was able to see my weight gain and loss depending on the type of training I was doing and season time.

However, now that I haven’t weighed myself for quite a long time I managed to step back from what I was doing and get a new perspective. Before I used to think that weighting myself had no impact on me mentally. But I realise now that is not the case. Here is why I don’t want to weigh myself:

Reason 1

That number on the scale is not reliable. That number constantly changes due to small things such as time of the day, if you have been to the toilet that day, hydration levels, whether you ate before or not, also some foods might make you more bloated than others. The list of factors that can change that little number on the scale is endless.

Reason 2

The number on the scale does not say what percentage is muscle, fat and water. It doesn’t say what percentage of essential fat your body needs, it doesn’t say what percentage of that number is actually your skeleton. As soon as our brains see that number we reduce it to fat and muscle and often think “I need to lose so much fat!”, when in reality there are so many other things we need to take in account.

Reason 3

We tend to trust the number more than our own feelings and emotions. We might be feeling healthy, energised and confident but we humans tend to give more power to numbers. I don’t want to rely on my weight to reassure the way I feel. Nowadays I pay attention to how my body feels and I only rely on that. If I feel stiff I know I need to go to yoga more often. If I feel not as energised one week I know I probably need to workout more and get more active. If my legs are feeling tired and sore, I know not to push myself so hard the next day. These are things that are important but a number will never tell me, but these are the most important things for me.

Reason 4

Numbers are very easy to compare. As soon as we get that number in our head it is very easy to compare yourself to someone else’s number, almost unconsciously, we know we shouldn’t do it because we are all build differently, however, it is very difficult to avoid. We are not numbers, other people are not numbers, there is so much more to us. Therefore we should not compare ourselves to others, specially based on such a tiny number.

Reason 5

I have decided to not make my body a goal. Being a person who is a lot into sport and fitness, I have fitness goals that I want to achieve, however, nowadays they are specific and measured by my ability to perform a certain skill. For example, I want to be able to do 5 body weight chin ups and clean 47.5kg. These are goals that empower me and my body. Having a goal that reduces my body to a mere number, for example, I want to be 60kg., it is not empowering plus it does not show if I am healthier, happier and fitter.


I will inevitably have to weigh myself. I study sport and exercise science at university. I have multiple assessments and projects that require me to use my measurements, also I take part in studies where my weight needs to be measured for scientific reasons.

It is something I deal with fine and it does not bother me at all because understanding all the reasons I have listened above made me distance myself from the number on the scale. I am not either happy or sad about my weight. I am happy about my body and the way I feel. My weight is the recommended healthy weight for my specific age and height and that is all I need to know. I am healthy and I feel great.

I understand that some people might have to weigh themselves often if they have any illnesses or, for example, are over or underweight and are undertaking some sort of diet plan or treatment. This is simply my personally view on weight and how I like to interpret it in my life.

Thank you so much for reading! Lots of love babes,

Ines x





  1. heyyy! :)

    I feel what you’re saying at so many levels… Ever since I was 10 years old, my weight was something that bothered me, my hips were bigger than my friends and I always felt like the fat friend in the group when the true reason was that I was built differently than them… I practice swimming since I was three and for that I was heavier than others that seemed chubbier than me.
    I was pressure (still at the age of 10) by relatives to loose weight, I exercised loads and did crunches, squats, push-ups and runned up and down the stairs always with the objective of seeing the number on the scale go smaller… It messed my self confidence… ‘Till this day, I have a phobia of weighting myself to the point where in a class in highschool I panicked because our teacher wanted to weight every student and I was ashamed and scared for life of steping on the scale. I know that keeping on track of myself is important, but it isn’t everything, I’m nursing student and I understand the importance of that number as well how little it says about your health.

    I’m 21 now, and I finally came to terms with my body and how it looks… My body isn’t defined by a number, my body is defined by what it can do when I swim, run or just take long walks… And even though I have bigger hips and butt compared to my waist, I learned that it’s healthy and that is all that matters.

    Sorry for the long comment, thank you for your post :) xx

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    • Hey! I love your comment so much! Thank you for sharing your story, it is so powerful. I am so glad that you are at a point in your life where you are appreciating your body, we deserve to be kind to ourselves. But yeah, there is so much pressure to be a certain number when in fact it does not determine actual health. Lots of loving xx


  2. Love this! I’ve recently started doing weights and I know I will inevitably put on muscle. Yes I’m still thinking about numbers….but now it is how much I can leg press and how I can increase that rather than the one on the scale! If I think I look okay and most important feel happy and healthy then that’s all that counts to me!

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    • That’s the spirit! It is so great to hear that. Smash those weights and have fun! (I love weight lifting!) Thanks for the comment lovely x


  3. Such a healthy way to live, honestly. I haven’t weighed myself in over three years, don’t even have a scale at my flat, and I am happier and healthier than ever.


    • Love to hear that!! I truly believe that our bodies are the best indicators of health and happiness, not a number :)) Glad that’s been working for you as well!! xxx


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