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My Room At Uni

It has been almost a month since I’ve moved from Kent (South East of England) to Nottingham, about 4 hours distance. I did a whole blog post about it, you can have a quick read here.

I am living in halls, I share a flat with 5 lovely people. We became very good friends with the people from the flat next door, we like to say we are all one big flat, so technically i live with other 11 people. My room is tiny compared with my old room but I have definitely got used to it, it has plenty of storage for my things and its size actually makes it very cozy.

The sun shines directly through my window the whole day (whenever the sun is out) which gives my room loads of light and it keeps it nice and warm. Enough talking…here is my room.

This is what you see when you open my bedroom door. You can see on the left my desk and shelves, and on the right, my bed and wardrobe. I always have the curtains open to get as much sun in my room as possible. As my room is  quite small, I always try to keep it tidy and organise otherwise the space can look very cluttered.

Behind the door I keep my bags. I have a big Lululemon bagpack which at I love and use all the time. I have a big dark green handbag and a tote bag. The tote is a staple in my life. On the left of my door I have a full length mirror, great for selfies if you ignore the bathroom door in the background.


I have all the things I love (and more) on my shelves. This is a general overview for everything. It might look a bit messy, but it is an organised bunch of things that I love looking at.


Bottom shelf: at the far end I have my adorable cactus. I then have a bowl where I always have my keys, watch and a hair band – basically everything I need to grab when leaving the house. Next to it I have a list of the books I got from the library. A jar full of lip balms. An oil burner that I got in Portugal and it is a great way to keep my room smelling nice. Finally I have my hair brush, vitamins, cremes, deodorant and all those fun things.


Middle shelf: starting again at the fair end I have a panda, however you can’t really see it in this pic. I then have two pairs of sunglasses. Next is an amazing candle holder I got in Morocco, I love its colours. Then I have a tray with all my necklaces. Then I have a postcard, again…just something I like to look at and that inspires me, and in front of that I placed my crystals. I then have a little dish with all my rings and earrings an finally, behind that I have a little bag with oils.


Top two shelves: you can see on my top shelve I have plant, possibly one of my favourite things, a bunch of really heavy books, some spare candles, a bowl and random little things. Underneath all of that I have two jars, one had miscellaneous things like hair bands and nail clippers and the glass jar has all my lipsticks.


The desk: this is where I spend most of my time. I always have a water bottle and usually a drink, either tea or coffee. I have my speakers, some random stickers, my notebooks, my laptop and a weekly planner. In the far corner I have my laptop case, iPad and a fruit bowl which is sadly quite empty. The most important think in this picture is definitely my planner, it is where I write homework, reading, assessment deadlines, things I have to do, things I want to achieve, etc.


Still on my desk, just under the shelves, I have my makeup basket. That has all the makeup I own. And I also have a tile with a candle on top which is another fave in my room.


Bed: in front of my bed I have a couple of little shelves. A the top I have a folder with important papers, some magazines and random little notebooks. The middle self I have a couple of books I brought from home. Finally, I have my big folder with content from all my modules and some exercise books.


This is my wardrobe and it pretty much has all my clothes. I have some bigger jumpers and jeans at the bottom and shoes in the draws underneath. I also have a big draw dedicated to all my gym clothes.


Bathroom: my bathroom is very minimal and simple. I have a little sink in the right corner with a mirror on top. Underneath I have a basket for my dirty washing. The shelves on top of the toilet have some random bits like makeup wipes, razor, toothbrush and tooth taste, etc. On the left I have my shower and as you can see in the picture, I have dark blue towels behind the door.


This marks the end of my room tour. I hope you enjoyed have a little look inside my room and my life. Thank you so much for reading. Lots of love,

Ines x


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