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I Moved Out!

Life is crazy. I literally still can’t believe I moved out. It has been 9 days since dad and I drove up to Nottingham with a car full of…stuff. So far I am loving it. I am living with a bunch of great people. Originally we were suppose to be 6 but we turned two flats into one so now we have a big family of 12.

I completely lost sense of time in the last 9 days. My routines were completely gone and my list of things to do doubled. I am already in love with this place, the city. Nottingham seems like a magical place, there is always so much happening. I can’t wait to explore it and become familiar with all the little streets, cool bars and coffee shops.

Even though I already had introduction lectures last week, today is when I properly start some of the modules. I have mixed feelings but I am mostly excited to get started. Hopefully I will get into a better routine next week and my life will become a bit more organised. Expect to see me a lot more around here, I miss blogging!

Can’t wait to share this experience with you guys. Thank you so much for reading! Lots of love,

Ines x




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