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My Favourite Podcasts

I always thought I didn’t have time to listen to podcasts. That changed in the beginning of this year when I became obsessed with podcasts! They are so convenient, I can listen to loads of great content whilst doing everyday activities such as getting the bus to school, on the train, whilst I am running, the possibilities are endless.

If you have never listen to podcasts I highly recommend you give these ones a try as they are my favourite of the past months.

➯ The Minimalists – Presented by Ryan and Josh, this is the first podcast I fell in love with. It is all about how to live a curated life with less. They reduced their amount of possessions in order to focus on what is truly important for them. In the podcast they touch on numerous aspects of life and remind us to “use things and love people, because the opposite never works”. I highly recommend listening to this podcast, it is definitely my favourite. 

Website –


➯ The Mind Palace – Along the same lines as Minimalists, this podcast focuses on living a well curated and mindful life. The two lovely ladies (from England and Hawaii) who created this podcast elaborate on a different topic each episode via a casual chat between them making this a really nice and ‘easy’ podcast to listen to. Highly recommend!

Website –


➯ Ladies Who Lunch – This is such a enjoyable podcast to listen to. Time flies when I am listening to Ingrid and Kat as they are both funny and very intelligent young women. They talk about a variety of topics from sexuality and motherhood, to feminism, online dating and breakups. It is very interesting to listen to them as they often have different opinions regarding the same subject which leads to a very interesting and captivating conversation. Such a joy to listen to!

Website –


Those are my top three podcasts! They are easy to listen to yet challenge the way you look at different aspects of your life, plus the people who make them are really lovely.

It was really hard to narrow down my list of favourites. Here are some more podcasts that although didn’t make it to my top three, I highly recommend  listening to.

➯ No Meat Athlete Radio – This is the perfect podcast for vegan runners! However, I am sure any vegan athlete would get great value from this podcast. They talk about nutrition, running: mainly long distance running, racing tips and tactics and share loads of their amazing experiences.

➯ Wake Up With Sam Harris – This is definitely the more ‘scientific’ podcast of them all. It’s perfect for someone who is interested in science. The podcast has amazing guest from authors to professors specialised in a certain area. I have to admit, I have often found myself listening to a podcast about something I know nothing about (like Kosmos), but even then it was really nice and enjoyable. Definitely recommend.

➯ Radio Headspace – I am a massive fan of the Headspace app which is a meditation app – you can download it for free and it is an incredible app if you want to start meditating. I found out that they have a podcast which explores how the mind works in regards to various things in everyday life. It is a very enjoyable podcast to listen to and it has great information. I often find that most of the topics they cover are great to reflect and meditate on.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this post inspire you go give podcasts a try, definitely let me know if you have a favourite podcast or what are your thoughts about my recommendations. Lots of love,

Ines x


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