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Thoughts On My Small Boobs

Boobs, boobs, boobies! Yes, that’s how we are starting this post.

Boobs are a big part of a woman’s life. When we are young we get told our chest will start growing one day. We grow up surrounded by women, women with boobies, and we wonder: when is it going to happen? what am I going to look like? how are clothes going to fit? how are they going to feel? We are curious, we start looking around and comparing ourselves: Why have mine not started growing yet? Are hers bigger than mine? Am I weird? Different? Am I a woman, a ‘proper’ woman? I had so many questions, the list is endless. When I was younger I thought I would always have those questions as my boobies clearly stopped growing at a young age and I didn’t look like the women around me.

Nowadays, at 19 years of age, here are some various thoughts about MY SMALL BOOBS:

➯ Not wearing a bra is the best thing ever! It is so comfortable! Yes, everyone knows I don’t wear a bra most days, but that’s okay. We all have boobs. #FreeTheNipple

➯ With my small boobs, a fancy wired bra will never feel comfortable. Plus it is a nightmare just to find one that fits perfectly. I just had to accept that.

➯ Avoid swimming costumes with too much padding. You end up with more padding than boobs, not a cute look. Just embrace the little triangles and be comfortable. Shame I only realised this recently.

➯ I have come to terms that my nipples will never grow, that’s cool. Not much I can do about that.

➯ Whenever you think your boobs are growing…don’t be fooled and definitely don’t start planning on getting new bras.

➯ Even with my small boobs, I feel comfortable with my body and consider myself a badass woman.

➯ I now understand that what people think of me does not evolve around the size of my boobs…only. People wouldn’t like me more if I had bigger boobs. I am pretty sure my friends are not my friends because of the size of my boobs.

➯ Just because you don’t have a cleavage doesn’t mean you can’t rock a low V neck top. However, tape is needed.

➯ With my small boobs, people don’t sexualise me as much. This works out great as I get to have proper conversations with people and amaze them with my great personality. Heheh

I have so many random thoughts about my boobs, these are just a few. If you take anything from this post I hope it is a sense of peace and acceptance. I hope it inspires you to accept your body the way it is right now and celebrate it. Boobs should not be a taboo. Everyone has them, what’s the big deal in me talking about my nipples? Everyone has them…big surprise. Be comfortable and confident. Lots of love,

Ines x



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