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What To Do With Your Unethical Items?

Today we are tackling this oh so complicated question. What should we do with all those unethical items in our closet? From leather jackets and shoes, to clothes made of wool by people in sweatshops.

Once confronted with Ethical Fashion, I felt very passionate about changing the way I buy clothes. I feel extremely sorry that I ever gave money to companies who don’t care about basic human rights, but the reality is, pretty much everything I wear comes from a sweatshop. What do I do now? Here are 5 tips:

➭ Donate – Go through your clothes and donate everything you don’t like or don’t wear. I feel like if you donate those pieces to a charity shops, at least the money they make off them will be used for a good cause.

➭ Sell – Another option other than donating is to sell more expensive items such as leather jackets and shoes. You can use the money to acquire vegan and ethical pieces to replace the things you sold or to simple make some extra money.

➭ Trade – Some charity shops do swaps. Perhaps you can swap a leather jacket for a one or two jackets you really like. Same goes for shoes, ask them if you can swap a pair of your leather shoes for something else you like. Most of the time we have old leather goods that we don’t even use anymore, this would be a good way to trade them for something you actually need.

➭ Wear Them – It is impossible for me to donate or sell all my clothes and buy everything all over again. Most people are in the same position as me. It is okay to keep wearing your clothes.

I haven’t always been vegan, I can’t change the impact I caused, unfortunately I can’t bring animals back to life, but I can make better choices in the future. It is the same with my clothes, I can’t change the fact that I gave money to those companies and supported so much cruelty, but I can make better decisions in the future.

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➭ Minimise – By minimising the amount of clothes you have and only keeping the pieces you really love and enjoy wearing will help you focus on ethical fashion. We are often overwhelmed with the amount of possessions  you own, it clutters our mind and our ability to make rational decisions. Reducing the amount of clothes you own will help you identify the things you really need and avoid impulsive purchases.

Hopefully this post helped you figure out what you are going to do with your unethical items.

Remember that the most important thing is not what we did in the past but what we are doing NOW. Find ethical brands online or ethical shops near you. Explore the charity shops in your city. This will make shopping easier as you know exactly where to go and can avoid going to unethical brands. Check my “How To Shop Ethically” post for more information on how buy things ethically.

Thank you so much for reading. Lots of love,

Ines x


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