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How To Love Your Body

There are not right or wrong bodies. There are not good or bad bodies. How we feel about yourselves is all down to our perception and our attitude about it. Here are a few things you can do to brighten up the way to see your body:

➯ Drink water – Keeping your body hydrated is such an important factor to feel good. Often when we feel fatigued or ‘down’ we are actually dehydrated, so make sure you drink plenty of fluids, mainly water. It will also help you detox and clean your organism.

➯ Exercise – Find some type of exercise you enjoy doing and do it. This could be something really simple such as walking, or perhaps yoga, running, cycling, etc. Doing exercise releases hormones that will make you feel happier, your metabolism will increase which will give you a boost of energy and you will feel accomplished and healthy.d9fbbda7abef7d7e3a79f718120463e6

➯Eat foods that make you happy – What I mean by this is: eat foods that will make you feel your best in the long-term. So instead of impulsively eating a bag of crisps, make sure you are kind to your body and nurture it with the best foods you can. Personally, for me that means making sure I eat fruit everyday, don’t eat too much fat and get some greens in.

➯ Appreciate yourself – Be grateful for everything your body does for you. You body is what allows you to move, to feel different sensations, to experience life. Without your amazing organism this wouldn’t be possible.

➯ Surround yourself with the right people – Surround yourself with people who lift you up and do not bring you down. If you feel like you have someone in your life who makes you feel uncomfortable or says things that make you feel bad, then highly consider not spending as much tim with them and focus on spending your time with people who make you feel comfortable and happy.0e153f66da4951bece2446fbf56713c8 ➯ Pamper yourself – Do little things such as moisturizing your skin after a good shower. You can have a day where you exfoliate your skin. Do a face or hair mask. Just make sure you spend some time taking take of your body on the outside, you deserve it and it will make you feel extra glam.

➯ Be your best friend – A very simple concept yet most of us find it hard to practice. Simply act like your body is your best friend. Treat it with kindness, be gentle with your body. Appreciate it and nurture it as best as you can. Say kind words and don’t be so judgmental.

➯ Meditate – Try meditation. You might think that meditation has nothing to do with self-love, however, it is so important to give yourself time to take care of your mind. Also, meditation will help you be in tune with how your body and your mind feel. We are often so busy and overwhelmed with thoughts we don’t stop to breathe and take notice of how we are feeling. Meditation teaches us to be comfortable with ourselves, body and mind. We step away from judgement and start embracing a constant sense of peace and happiness within ourselves.IMG_9824➯ Change your compliments – When you look yourself in the mirror compliment yourself on more than just your looks. Tell yourself how smart you are, how kind you are, how you are empathetic and loving you are. This might be difficult at first but challenge yourself and every time you notice your attention going only to external factors, stop yourself and focus on your internal qualities. I am not saying you shouldn’t notice how nice your hair and skin look, but there should always be a balance.

I hope you found this out helpful. I hope it inspired you to feel good about your amazing body. Thank you so much for reading. Lots of love,

Ines x




  1. What a great post – It’s so true, loving our body is not only considering the outside, but what we put in the inside. x


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