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Maria Pereira – (My)Self

I have not written on the blog for about a week. Who to blame? My best friend. She came from Portugal to spend 10 days here in England with me and it has been amazing. It is amazing how long we can talk for.

It is an honour to have her as my first ‘guest’ in this new series on the blog called (My)Self. This series is all about exploring human beings. It is about discovering the different paths everyone goes through. It is about recognising how special each individual is. I love people. I want to tell you about some people I know, so you can get to know them a little bit too. Hope you enjoy!

Name: Maria Francisca R. D. G. Pereira                           Nationality: Portuguese

Age: 19                             Height: 169 cm                             Zodiac Sign: Pisces

“Talk to me about your childhood. What did you enjoy doing?”

“I really liked reading poetry when I was younger. There was a point where all the books I had were poetry books. I always used to go outside to play with my friends and ride our bikes around. When I was younger I also started having piano lessons and used to love classical music as my family used to play it a lot around the house.”

“Did your love for music come from your parents then?”

“I believe so. My parents used to play classical music in the car and always tried to educate me about music. I used love watching plays and opera. In fact one of my favourite when I was younger was the ballet The Nutcracker.”

“When did you start listening to other types of music?”

“Besides classic music I also used to listening to Queen, once again, by the influence of my family. When I started high school was when I was introduced to Reggae music by some friends. I really liked it and became my favourite type of music to listen to.

“What Reggae artists influenced you the most?”

“Definitely S.O.J.A. because I found them at a point in my life when I was developing my sense of identity and even though I don’t listen to them as often now, I still get really happy every time listen to their music as it reminds me of how different i was back then and how much I have developed as an individual”

“Would you say reggae as influenced the way you grew up then?”

“Yes, I have always been a chilled out person but growing up listening to reggae sort of constantly reminded me of being kind and accepting of all humans, animals and nature. I also love being with people and reggae music always seems to make people happy!”

“You have recently finished your first year at uni studying nursing. Why nursing?”

“I have always known I wanted to work in an area where I could help people. Being a nurse would allow me to not only help people if they had an injury but also give them  psychological support which is another area I am very interested about. I see nursing as a way to make a positive impact on people’s lives.”

“But you still have 3 years left to finish your degree. How do you feel about that?”

“I didn’t really enjoy my first year. To be honest, when I chose nursing, it wasn’t something I was very sure about and I still have a lot of doubts. I am hoping my second year will be better as I will have more practical lectures which is something I enjoy a lot more. However, if  by the end of the second year I still am not sure about the degree I am willing to change it.”

“But would you not feel bad about spending 2 years doing something you are not passionate about?”

“No, at least I would know that nursing is not something I would like to do. I don’t want to finish a degree just for the sake of doing it or because that’s what is expected from me. Regardless of whether I stick with nursing or not, those 2 years will provide me with great experiences and knowledge that I can then use to grow. I have a postive atittude, I know I will enventually find what I am passioante about. I think it is normal to be a bit confused at this age.”

“On a rather different topic. What’s your favourite drink?”

“Hhmm…water and tea!”

“What would you like to change in the world?”

“People’s perception of others. We all live in the same planet. We shouldn’t let things such as boarders between countries, gender, skin colour, religion, etc. effect the way we look at other people and how we perceived them to be.”

“In your opinion, what does everyone must have in their life?”

“Music – whatever you like

Something to record moments – a notebook, a camera, etc.


At least a pair of trainers

A watch”

Hope you enjoyed reading this little chat I had with one of my best friends. It is great to introduce you to such an important person in my life. I am very excited to continue this series and bring you along as we explore people’s lives and their experiences.

Thank you for reading,

Ines x



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