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July 2016 {Recap}

What? It’s already the end of another month. This is crazy, life is crazy. Let me tell you a bit about my month of July. Here we go.

I have mixed feelings about July, half of it was amazing, the other half was also not bad at all. I have had really high moments and really low moments this month, but I suppose that’s just how life goes.

1. Portugal! – Yes! I went back to Portugal after 8 months without seeing my friends and family. I had such a wonderful time there. Everything was great, the weather was beautiful (always nice and warm), the food was delicious (best fruit ever!) and it was so good be reunited with my family. I felt amazing the whole time I was there, I sort of wish I stayed there the whole Summer, 2 weeks was not long enough!

2. Beach, beach, beach – I am a sun baby, sort of like a flower. I feel like I really thrive when the sun is out. The feeling of wearing shorts, the sandy beaches, the feeling of “sun-kissed” skin…love it all! July was the beach month for me as I loved going to the beach in Portugal and in England.

3. Yoga – So pleased with myself as I’ve started doing yoga pretty much everyday, I absolutely love it. I love how i makes me feel in the moment and afterwards. I am definitely more aware of my body, my breathe and how I feel. It is great to spend some time with myself and clear my mind. Also, within just a few weeks I can already feel my shoulders and core getting stronger. My balance and flexibility have also improved massively. I’m very happy and will definitely keep doing it.

4. Personal Records – On the same theme of exercise and fitness, this past month I’ve also hit a PB (personal best) on my cleans which I am sooo pleased about. The fact that the lift wasn’t even that hard made me think that I still have more in me…but I will save it for another time. Cleaning is a power lift of those of you who don’t know. It is a lift I was scared of for quite a long time and then really struggled with the technique. My progress was very slow as I tried to focus on my technique a lot, but it is all paying off now.

5. Guest Blogger – Big news! Check out my post about Ethical Brands for more info, but basically I worked with RawApparel and one of my posts was featured on their blog which is super exiting and I still can not believe it. I absolutely love this brand so I am really honoured to be featured on their website. Make sure to check their website -> and follow them of Instagram @rawapparelco for amazing vegan inspiration.

That’s it everyone. Thank you so much for reading. I hope you had a wonderful July. Make sure you don’t miss anything here on the blog, so here are July’s posts:

Lots of love,

Ines x


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