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June 2016 {Recap}

Last month’s recap is coming to you a bit late. Usually I post a monthly recap on the last day of the month, however even though I had time, life has been crazy. I lot of yummy breakfasts, Orange Is The New Black and gym days. I love the last posts I wrote and the discussions we are creating here on the blog (thank you for your responses!) so I was feeling bit lazy about doing a monthly recap when I want to keep talking about veganism and life…but that will come back very soon!

Anyway, let’s start talking about the month of June. June was amazing!!

✯ Finished School – I have officially finished Sixth Form (i did an extra year of sixth form)! I am so happy with my grades and it still feels unreal that I am done with this chapter of my life. The last couple of days of school were crazy, trying to finished all my course work and my Personal Trainer exams, plus training and my part time job…uffff…it was crazy, but its done!

Mental Illness Awareness – If you have been following the blog than you know I started off June with a post sharing my journey with Anxiety and Depression . This was massive for me. I never hidden the fact i had a mental illness but at the same time I never necessarily told people around me, specially when I moved to England. It is very important for me to be opened about mental illnesses and my story. I want people to realise that it is very common to have a mental illness and there is not reason why it should a taboo subject. No one should feel embarrassed about it. Check out the posts relating to mental illnesses, more specifically anxiety and depression.

✯ Beach Times – June was sort of a warm month in England. The nights were not freezing cold anymore which makes it so lovely to spend the afternoon and evening at the beach with friends, specially now that we all finished school and don’t have exams and course work in the back of our mind. It is was good to relax and not constantly worry about deadlines, the beach is the perfect place to do that. Check out my beach essentials and let me know what you think I should add to my beach bag.

✯ Nights Out –  June was full of great night out with my friends. Again, having no school changes everything! Everyone is so much more relaxed and up to having a great time which involves a lot of dancing, singing and glitter makeup – my fave!

✯ Strawberry Moon – the very especially June’s full moon, also called as strawberry moon. It was on the wonderful night of the 20th. I hope everyone had an amazing mindful night. Mine involved a lot of candles, comfy positions on the floor whilst reading, meditating and of course, writing. Unfortunately I didn’t get to share it with anyone but it was really nice to spend that time with myself. The full moon is full of energy, it is a great time for you to spend doing something you enjoy, cultivating your passions and being with others.

✯ MY BIRTHDAY! – i was born on the 27th of June! I am now 19 years old, which I find a kind of awkward age – don’t ask me why haha – but I am happy with myself and the place I am at the moment. I changed so much in the last year. When I turned 18 I felt like I was a wise 18 year old girl who was confident and in a good path in life. It is crazy how much things change in one year! I never thought my life would turn out like this. I am very grateful for all the changing and growing, at the end of the day, we are only living if we are growing.
I celebrated my birthday with my family and friends. I feel so grateful for all their beautiful and kind words, the presents and the amazing time I spend with them. Had a wonderful time!

✯ Cultivating Passions – being officially in my summer holidays gave me a lot more time to focus on some of the things I am passionate about. For example, I had a lot more time to practice yoga, I tried to do 45 mins of yoga 5 days a week. I also started writing more, spent more time on the blog and learning “blogger” things, working really hard in the gym, listening to more podcasts. It has been great and I have really enjoying myself.

That wraps up the month of June. Once again, it was a wonderful month. Summer is officially here. The sun is shining (sometimes ahah). Shorts and sandals are part of my daily outfits. There is more amazing fruit around…I am a very happy girl.

Let me know how was your month of June and make sure you don’t miss out on the top posts of the month:

Thank you for reading! x

Be Bright!


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