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What I Ate Today {Vegan} #4 – My Birthday

As you can tell by the tittle of this post, today’s “What I Ate Today” is a special edition as I decide to share with you what I ate on my birthday!


This is my favourite time of the day. I love having breakfast and it is something I look forward to every day. I wanted to make sure I started my day with the best food possible and for me that is FRUIT, lots of fruit. I had one melon – I have been saving that melon for my birthday – and a delicious smoothie. The smoothie had: 2 bananas, 1 handful of raspberries, 1 handful of blackberries and some unsweetened almond milk. It was so delicious and it was the perfect way to start off my day!


Brunches are perfect for those who love to have breakfast for lunch. As you can probably guess, I love going out for brunch. Having breakfast food twice in one day is such a treat for me hahah! I went out to lovely local cafe and had a full veggie english breakfast and (of course) coffee!


First snack happened on the bus – very classy – when I was on my way home after athletics training. I needed to hydrate and carb up so fruit was my obvious choice. I picked my some delicious red grapes and ate about half of the pack during the bus journey.

When I got home I then had two pieces of toast with blackberry jam – my favourite!


We had a beautiful family dinner which started with some sparkly pink wine. Not something I usually drink but it was really lovely. In terms of food I had a veggie lasagna with garlic break and kale. Really simple, very yummy! Loved it! As for pudding, my stepmom baked a beautiful vegan lemon cake which was soooo delicious! Everything was perfect.

This was what I ate on my birthday! I am now 19 years old woop woop!  Thank you for reading. Lots of love,

Ines x


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