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How To Shop Ethically?

On my journey to a mindful way of living, I have confronted myself and became more conscious about the impact I have in the world as consumer. A few days ago I uncovered what Ethical Fashion is here on the blog. Thank you for the amazing response! Since then, I have started thinking about what I can do. What do I have to do to start shopping more ethically? How can I buy things and still stick to my values and beliefs?

Charity Shops

The first thing that comes to my mind is charity shops. Buying second-hand is a great way to buy what you need without contributing to any environmental damage and use of resources. I love charity shops! You can find the most interesting and fascinating things. You might also not find anything you like. It is always fun to hunt for something though and you might find an amazing pre-loved item that will be more unique than what is currently on the high street shops.

It is also great for your wallet as things tend to be cheaper and sometimes you can even ask for a small discount or a deal. These are my favourite charity shop finds, they were both £3 at a local charity shop.

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Second Hand

You can buy second-hand items on eBay, Etsy, Depop and loads of other apps  just like a regular online shop. A great thing about using these platforms is that you can search exactly what you need instead of having to look through a bunch of other things keeping you from buying things you don’t actually need. Another great way to save some money and reduce impulsive purchases.


If you have something you don’t wear ask your friends if they want it or would like to swap it for another item you might need. There are also platforms, such as Depop, where people swap items. For example, if you have a pair of jeans you don’t wear you can swap it for the backpack you need if agree with the seller. That way you don’t even need to spend money, you de-clutter your space and acquire something you need.


Small Businesses

I think it is amazing to support small businesses! This can either be a one person handmade products, a local brand or a small business over seas. Just make sure they are an ethical businesses that don’t use animal products and respect the environment and the rights of their workers. By buying from small businesses you know where you are putting your money into and if it is something you want to support or not. Also, the fact you are supporting someone’s small business it is a lot more meaningful for you and them as you are supporting their dreams and creations rather than giving your money to a massive company who only cares about profit discarding their impact in the environment.

A great place to find small businesses is, of course, Etsy. Etsy has beautiful shops for all price ranges. Depop also has great independent shops. These are really good platforms to find unique items and support people and businesses who are mindful with their products and want to promote ethical consumption.

Fair Trade

Going to fair trade shops or buying fair trade products is another great option. Fair trade products support fair trade between workers and farmers, it promotes good working conditions for the employees and it also means the products are prices appropriately to their value and cost of making.

I will make a whole blog post about Fair Trade. Keep in mind that Fair Trade doesn’t mean the items are vegan therefore just make sure the items you are buying are not cause any harm to the animals and the environment.e01fbe272f48308a44c11c406524b692

Do Your Research

It is actually quite easy to be more a more conscious consumer and buy ethically if you do some research. For the past few days I found out that some of high street brands actually support good causes, and even though I would rather only support smaller businesses and individuals, this might be a good place to start and it makes things “easier” as I can still go out shopping like I normally would.

There is loads of information online so just do a quick research if you want to find lovely brands. I found this website really useful. I didn’t know pretty much any of the brands but I feel in love with them!

I hope you found today’s post useful. If you have more ideas on how to shop ethically please share it in the comments. Thank you for reading and joining me in my journey to becoming a more ethical consumer. Lots of love,

Ines x



  1. [ Smiles ] Also, one can go out of their way to buy shoes and clothing that are not made from animal products.

    There are a few vegan stores online.


  2. As a small handmade business owner who’s focus is on vegan leather accessories, it makes me so happy to see blogs spreading not only the animal-friendly and vegan fashion word, but also encouraging people to buy from small businesses! <3

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  4. Hi my name is Briana Williams, I work for an Ethical Fashion company called Sseko Designs which uses fashion to help send girls in Uganda to College. It’s a really cool company and an awesome opportunity for the girls in Uganda. I am personally helping a girl by the name of Juliet reach her scholarship goal. You can check out our website to look at the products and see if its your style. I offer discounts as well and this week there will be a lot of sales.
    Right now I am looking for fashion bloggers who would be willing to host an online shopping party on their social media sites. By hosting a party, you earn free products. You don’t have to do anything but invite people to shop and share the personal discount code that I will give to you. Your blog is amazing and I just wanted to reach out to see if you were interested!
    Thank you.

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    • Hi, thank you so much for reaching out to me. You won’t believe this but I was on your website just a few weeks ago contemplating your ribbon sandals, they are amazing! I love the whole concept of your project and it is something I care very deeply about. I found out about Uganda and its difficulties through a United Nations project a few years ago, since then I have become very aware of the needs of the country, therefore it would be a pleasure to be involved and help spread your amazing work and message.


      • Really? That is so awesome! Did you know we are having a sale on our products this week? You can check my instagram everyday for discount codes for up to 55% off, which is a steal! Just follow me @ssekofellowbri_

        I am so excited to hear that you are interested! So basically this is how a party works,
        1) You and I pick a date that works for the both of us, and it s all done on social media.

        2) We setup an event page on Facebook and invite as many people interested as possible.

        3) Through the time the online party is happening I will be sharing facts and stories about Sseko while also posting all the products that we have for sale along with the discount code I will give you so I know how much in sales your party has made (The code must always be on a image or else Sseko will cancel your code, that way coupon websites don’t pick it up). You can share the picture with the code on any social media platform that you would like but the parties work best on Facebook.

        4) Based on the amount of sales made during your party and three days after your party, Sseko will give you credit to buy the products you want. I attached some photos with items you can earn for free based on the month you decide to have the party.There is also a picture that explains how the incentive works.

        Sseko sales Sandals, Closed-Toed Shoes, jewelry, scarves and etc. All of the products are made with real leather and they are SUPER comfortable. The products are made by the girls who we are helping to get to college and they are all amazing. For Team Juliet (my team, I am trying to help her reach 400 badges, she is currently at 74 badges. If she reaches 400, Sseko will match her scholarship by 300%. So for every $100 in sales, she receives a badge! So if you know others would be interested in hosting a party, share my information! If you have any more questions and/or ready to book the party let me know and we can get this show on the road.

        Thank you for being interested,


      • Hey, sorry Ive been away. I am afraid I don’t really use Facebook much (or at all ahah) so this wouldn’t work for either me or you. Thanks for dropping a message though. Hope you find great bloggers to spread the brand :))
        Best wishes!


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  8. Hi Ines,

    Great post! It’s really great to see that you are thinking ethically about fashion. Especially in the face of the fast fashion cycle today, we definitely need to put more focus on sustainability and look out for those who are being abused in the manufacturing process.

    Cut The Sweat is a social media campaign that looks at raising awareness for human rights violations in sweatshop environments that produce goods for contemporary fashion brands. Our aim to re-raise awareness of this social justice and equality issue and influence young people to think ethically about their next clothing purchase.

    If you don’t mind we would love to share some of the content from your blog to our own (with credits to you of course). It’d also mean a lot if you could check out and follow our campaign through our WordPress, Facebook ( and Twitter (!


    Cut The Sweat


    • Hi,
      Thank you so much for your comment. Your blog and campaign are such an important cause and something I would love to be part of. You can definitely publish one of my blog posts. Let me know when that would be so I can also advertise your blog :)
      Thank you for contacting me, looking forward to keeping up with your campaign!


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  11. I really enjoyed your post and am currently on my own journey to become a more ethical consumer as well as spread that message. I have just started blogging about that journey. What fun to learn of other like minded individuals. I look forward to reading more.


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