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๑ Beach Essentials ๑

I feel like a new Summer is finally here. The weather is getting better here in England. Last week it was really warm! I am a sunny baby. I love sunshine, summer clothes, the beach. As it got warmer, I spent a lot more time at the beach.

I can’t even describe to you how much I love chilling at the beach with friends or by myself. It’s so peaceful and it sort of bring me clarity and some mind space. Today I am gonna share with you my essentials! These are the things I need every time I go to the beach.

๑ Food – Always need food and a drink. Being at the beach always makes me hungry. Fruit is my go to snack, it is so yummy, hydrating and makes me extra happy! Everyone needs that bit of sugar. This time I had one mango, one orange and one banana…an amazing combo.

๑ Journal – I always have my journal with me. But it is specially important when I am at the beach as I feel really inspired to create and to connected with myself and my thoughts. I don’t always journal, but just incase I wanna write something down.

๑ Book – This needs no explanation. It is so amazing to read to the sound of the waves. So relaxing. I love to read so it is nice to have some time when I can just focus on it and enjoy a good book. Currently reading Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig. Really enjoying it so far. I had no idea how well know this book, but if you are into philosophy, mindfulness and want a completely different book from the traditional buddhist and zen books than give this one a go.

Glasses – Both my reading glasses and my sunglasses. Very self-explanatory…I need glasses to read and write. I also need sunglasses in case the sun is too strong, but let’s be honest…I don’t tend to use them here in England.

๑ Lip Balm – I sort of have a fear of burning my lips. And I also hate when I lips get dry, so lip balm is definitely an essential. I usually would also have sunscreen but the sun is nor very strong here.

๑ Jacket – If you go to the beach in England, always take a jacket. Even though the forecast might say it’s a lovely clear sunny day, it is likely to be cloudy in a couple of hours, windy and even start to rain. Also, in the evening is always a bit cooler so definitely a must have.

Hope you enjoy today’s post. Hope it get’s you inspired to go to the beach and have a lovely day. Today it’s a grey and rainy day where I live, hope you have better luck.
Thanks for reading! Love, I x

Be Bright!


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