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May 2016 {Recap}

May has been full of emotions. It has been tough. I cried quite a lot. I was really stressed at points but I also had an amazing time. It has been emotionally challenging let’s put it that way…I have finished school. I am happy and confused about the future. I am so excited to have 3 months to dedicate myself to the things I love. It’s gonna be guuud. Here are some bits of my month:

1. London – I had the best start of the month.I got to briefly see a dear friend from Germany. We met up in London for a couple of hours and it was amazing to relax, (the weather was amazing!) and catch up with everything. I have known her for a couple of years now and even though we live far apart our friendship means the world to me.

2. Sleepover!! – Last month of school means stressful times and lots of work to do. So the girls decided to have a sleepover to relax and catch up. It was much needed and I has such a great time. It involved pizza, chinese and chips. It was perfect. Very grateful to have such beautiful women in my life.

3. Beach baby – I love love love going to the beach. Even though it wasn’t particularly hot that day, the sun was out, that is good enough in England! Me and some friends went to the beach to chill and it was lovely. We had long chats about some summer plans and ideas that hopefully will happen. I am very excited!

4. Bowling! – I went bowling! What more can I say…I loved it. Had such a great time! I hadn’t been bowling in years so it was very exciting. I definitely want to go again another time.
5. Sports Awards – My school as an annual ceremony for all the sporting academies, from rugby to trampolining, golf, athletics, etc. It was a really nice event and I am so proud of everyone who is part of the sporting academies, I know sometimes is tough. Multiple athletes were recognised with awards within their sport and generally between all the academies. I cried. I was very proud of my friends. And I cried even more when I was called on stage by one of my coaches. I won the strength and conditioning award! I was so grateful that my coaches recognised my hard work, it means a lot to me and I am very proud of myself. Happy days! I was a bit of a crying mess though.

My award winning strength pose :b

6. Finished school – The though of dropping education was very tempting this month. The first week was a mess, my exams got cancelled and rescheduled, we had to evacuate school due to a bomb threat, I had some delays with my course work…it was messy. But I actually managed to finish. I am very proud of myself, I exceeded my own expectations for the quantity and quality of work. It definitely made me more confident about my work ethic, time management and dedication. Summer holidays are officially here! I am really excited for the present and the future…hot weather please come soon.

The long hours of work really made me appreciate the little moments of peace this month. I started running more, I did more yoga and had deep philosophical talks. So many things happened! I have been loving so many little things: I’ve been obsessed with podcasts, Drake, mom jeans…

Besides the lack of time, I am very happy with the posts this month, make sure you don’t miss them:

OSHO – Living Dangerously

How To Eat Out As A Vegan

❊ Beach Vibes ❊

Thanks for reading! Lots of Love, Ines x 


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