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Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga has become a passion of mine. This is quite a big statement – at least for me – but I literally find myself thinking about yoga every single day. I injured my right wrist so I couldn’t really do much yoga for a couple of weeks and even when my wrist got better, every time I did yoga, my wrist would start hurting again…it has been a struggle.

Today was the first time I’ve done ‘pain free’ yoga for a while and it felt amazing! It was so good to focus on my breathing without having an awkward pain on my wrist. Doing yoga again made me think of the benefits yoga brings to my life. I was so pleased and inspired I decided to share them with you.

❉ Taking time for myself – I consider myself a busy person. Doing yoga allows me to take some time off my day to take care of myself, to do something I enjoy for myself. I try to do this in the morning, I find that I start my day a lot better mentally and physically.

❉ Reduce Stress –  This is a massive one for me. Gently activating my body, focusing on my breathing, stretching my muscles and engaging with my senses is sort of a meditation for me. Even when I do a more physically demanding routine, I still find peace and calm in my breathing. It really helps clear my mind from work and other stressors, and once again, taking time to take care of my mind reduces my stress significantly.

❉ Increases Productivity – I find that having a 30 minutes pause during the day to do yoga makes me more productive afterwards. It energizes me, it clear my mind of clutter and messy messy thoughts. Yoga gives room in my mind to concentrate on the tasks I have ahead. So any time I feel really tired of doing work – and I am usually really stiff from being in front of the computer – doing yoga is my cure! – Definitely recommend!

❉ Gooood Stretch – It’s so good to have a good stretch! I find when I do yoga in the morning even my posture through the day changes. I do quite a lot of running and strength training, so yoga has helped me so much with maintaining – and improving – my flexibility and mobility.

❉ Sports Performance – Having good mobility and flexibility is so important for sports performance and in the prevention of injuries. For the longest time I’ve had shins splints from running but I find that since I’ve been doing yoga I rarely have sore shins. Plus yoga has helped with my ankles and hips mobility which is great for my lifts. And obviously, core stability! That is a massive factor in everything I do: running and weight lifting. Improving my core stability has helped my posture so much and it has definitely helped prevent some injuries.

❉ Awareness of my body – I feel like through yoga I’ve got to know my body so much better. At identifying areas of discomfort, at recognising when my muscles are fatigued and at understanding what my body really needs. Some days I feel like my body needs a good back stretch, other days I do a more dynamic routine and there are also times that I can’t even do certain poses because I am so sore. Through yoga I’ve learned to embrace what my body wants with no judgement, just appreciation.


Hope today’s post inspired you to roll your mat out and have a good stretch…or just sit there thinking – I often don’t do that enough. Thank you for reading. Lots of love,

Ines x


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