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How To Eat Out As A Vegan

I get constantly asked “can you go out to eat?”…and YES I can! My answer is always the same “Of course! I eat everything! I just don’t eat animal products”…it is not a big deal.

Today I will be sharing with you my top tips for when you go out to eat. I would say it probably works anywhere you go.

1. Look out for Vegetarian options: most restaurants have vegetarian options, most times they can become vegan if you just ask to remove the sauce or eggs for example. From personal experience, sometimes it can be quite hard to find on the menu depending on where you go, but definitely keep an eye for the vegetarian options.

2. Stay Simple: there is no need to try and adventure in a long menu. Look out for simple dishes, usually at the top of the menus, they are also the cheapest (bonus). They have fewer ingredients and are less likely to have animal products. I find that pastas, salads and rice are the most common options.

3. Make your own changes: don’t be scared to ask to change the ingredients. Sometimes I know it can be a little bit intimidating but just ask. I usually ask with no sauce if I know the sauce has animal products or for example, if they add butter to vegetables, I just ask for olive oil or nothing at all. Don’t be scared to ask for mushrooms instead or bacon for example. I know my examples are really random, but the main thing is: don’t forget that you can change things up. Usually if you change one thing or two there is always things you can eat in any restaurant.

4. Sides are your Friends!: so there is no vegetarian options, everything has chicken and animal fats…go for the sides. Get yourself some rice, salad, potatoes, beans and make your own personalised dish. I believe most restaurant also have bread, you can get some with beans, rice and salad and you get yourself and amazing burrito hahah

5. It’s not a big deal: I’m not saying veganism is not a big deal. The ethics, the values, the thought and love behind veganism is a big and beautiful ‘deal’. I just like to have a relaxed approach to the fact I don’t eat animal product…so what? I eat everything else, and it’s great! Personally, I believe that if you don’t act like it is a big deal, other people won’t either. My friends don’t ever think we can’t go out for dinner because I am vegan because I never acted like it was a problem. If you don’t act like it is a problem, then it won’t be.

6. Be extra nice: my main concern when asking if a restaurant has vegan options, or whenever I ask to change an ingredient is that I can somehow come across as rude. As if I am acting like I am too good for the food they serve. Therefore, I always try to be as nice as I possibly can. If you do that you will find that people are usually really lovely and don’t see your question as an offence or critique. In fact, most people will be willing to help and try to find you alternatives…or maybe I have just been really lucky with the places I go to ahaha

So these are my top tips, at least for now. I hope they helped some of you #plantfueled people out there, specially if you just came to this lifestyle. Let me know if you have any other tips….shaaaare the love.

This is what I ate for dinner the other day in London! Me and my friends when to Nandos – a restaurant in England mostly known for the chicken. I had a veggie burger with pitta bread, with salad, corn an peas. Yuummyy!

Thanks for reading. Lots of Love,

Ines x


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