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OSHO – Living Dangerously

If you saw my last blog post – April 2016 {Recap} – where I spoke about all the lovely things that I did or happened to me last month, you know I read a book  called OSHO – Living Dangerously. The book is not regarding any religion in particular, it is just a collection of speeches by Osho regarding different topics such as love, awareness, fulfilment, relationships and multiple others. Definitely recommended it.

My journal is filled with quotes that inspired me from the book. Today I decided to share some of them and spread the looove.

“Watch, indifferently. And as the steam goes on flowing, the dead leaves will be taken away, and the mind will start settling because it cannot hang forever there”
“The treasure has been with you but you were occupied somewhere else: in thoughts, in desires, in a thousand and one things, you were not interested in the only one thing…and that is your own being”
“To be someone is very difficult. To become someone is very easy”
“It is a gift of nature to you. It is part of nature. It is joined with nature in every possible way. You are bridged not only with breathing; with sunrays you are bridged; with the fragrance of the flowers you are bridged; with the moonlight you are bridged.”
“No man is an island. We are all a vast, infinite continent, joined together in the roots. Maybe our branches are separated, but our roots are one.”
“Exploring him, you will be exploring yourself too. Getting deeper into the other, knowing his feelings, his thoughts, his deeper stirrings, you will be knowing you own deeper stirring too. Lovers become mirrors to each other, and then love become meditation”

I have a million other quotes on my journal. I love sharing what bringhtens my life with you, so perhaps I will share some one another day. Love Love Love.

Ines x

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