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April 2016 {Recap}

April was a strange month. I had a lot of highs and lows. The weather was strange…really hot than snowing. I had the most chilled days ever and the most busy and crazy days. Beside all these things, it was a great month! I felt focused and motivated to get all my course work done – I intend to bring that into May! But let’s talk about April:

1. Portugal! – I went to beautiful Portugal for about a week and had the best time ever! I had an amazing time with my friends, family! Had a sleepover, a lot of coffee, amazing amazing fruit, I completely burnt my face, went to the coolest pub…everything was perfect.


2. Back to School – Okay, this might not sound like the most exciting thing, however, this is my last term of school! EVER! It feels unreal. I can not describe how much course work I have to do..but once I finish – which I will by the end of May – I am all DONE! As you can tell, I’m really excited!

3. New Job! – I got a new job! I was looking for a 2nd job to have during the summer as I need to save up as much as I can for University. I am really excited, it’s a little coffee shop / restaurant near where I live (perfect!). I went for a trial and everyone was very friendly so I am looking forward to get started. Fun fact: I’ve always wanted to work in a cute coffee shop ahaha

4. Uni Room – I finally booked my room at Uni! Yes, this is another thing I am very excited about. The room is so small, it’s going to be quite funny living there for one year. I can not wait to meet the people on my hall and decorate my room. In about 4 and a half month I shall be living on my own…a bit scary…and mostly exciting!

5. OSHO – Living Dangerously. This book is amazing. At first I was a bit reluctant…this is not a normal book, he didn’t write it. It is a collection of Osho’s speeches on certain topics, therefore the style of the writing is very different from the traditional. He is not scared of saying what he thinks even if it sounds controversial which I find very refreshing. The book is not about any particular religion, it’s more about spirituality and his holistic view on spirituality which I really like. Overall, it was a great book to read and I definitely recommend it! Reading essentials: my journal, a trusty black pen and something to keep you grounded – crystals / stones.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this month’s posts:

Thank you for reading! Have a great start of May filled with a lot of love and gratitute. Lots of love,

Ines x


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