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March 2016 {Recap}

Hello lovelies! It’s the end of another month, so that means it is time to look back and appreciate all the amazing things that happened during the past month. I am currently drinking a beautiful cut of coffee, I would suggest you grab yourself one and enjoy this post.

1. Got new glasses: yes, I wear glasses. For the last couple of months I noticed my eyes were getting worst, went to the optician and I to get myself a new pair. Very pleased with them. They are comfortable, I don’t have headaches anymore and they add to my not so cool style.

2. Friiiiends: I had the best time with my friends this month! Went out to eat and drinks a couple of times and they were the best nights evaaar. This year I feel like I’ve surrounded myself with such an amazing group of people…all different in their own way yet we work so well together. I am very grateful for all the crazy dancing and singing.

3. Featured in another blog: one of my favourite bloggers wrote a blog post about my blog and the whole story behind her following me on social media. I feel so humbled and grateful that someone took time to write such beautiful words about my work. I am extremely grateful. It made my entire month and it’s something I will never forget. Check out the blog post and make sure to follow her blog so beautiful and inspirational writing that with brighten your day.

4. Interview: I had the chance to be interviewed for my friend’s documentary. It wasn’t a massive interview but I was really grateful that she thought of me. The interview was about how I felt coming to the UK to study, what difficulties I encountered, why I moved to the UK, if I was ever looked at differently, etc. It was a short but sweet interview. It was fun.

5. Uni offer holder open day: I had the opportunity to visit Nottingham Trent University which was such a great experience. I went there because they offered me a place at their Uni. It was great to find out more about my course (sport and exercise science), see the labs and facilities…and most importantly the accommodation! Let’s just say that the accommodation is very very modest and simple. Visiting the city was also amazing. I looooved it! It was just really exciting to see here I will hopefully be studying and living by the end of this year.

6. Bath University: Bath University accepted me in their Uni! Unfortunately they didn’t give me an offer for my course, therefore I won’t accept their offer. However, just the fact that such an important university gave me an offer it’s amazing. I never ever thought I could get in. When I put it down as one of my options I knew it was almost impossible for me to get in…but it happen. It’s just crazy. I am incredibly proud of myself.

7. Easter break: two weeks with no school! What more can i say…two weeks to chill and  do whatever I want. It is so nice to spend some quality time with the people I love. Can’t ask for much more. So far it has been amazing but I can’t not wait to go to Portugal next week! I just want sun, shorts and loads of fruit.


This has been the month of March. I am feeling so inspired and ‘light’, I must admit that part of that is because of the weather…we finally had some sun here in England and I am loving it. I am so ready for Spring and Summer!

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Hope you guys had an amazing month full of happiness and love. Let’s make April just as good or even better! Lots of love,

Ines x



  1. Aww ^-^ I hope I could really make you a little happier! :) I did it because I really enjoy your work and your perspective on life! :) I feel so honored when you say I’m one of your favourite bloggers *.* Have a beautiful day! :)


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