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My Heart Is Heavy…

My heart is heavy…It’s so painful…it’s painful to watch the news reports… it’s painful to see the images, the people running, the faces of innocent people fearing for their lives…the blood. Our brothers, our sisters.

I don’t understand war. I don’t understand why someone would ever hurt their family. We are all the same, we are all humans…same species, same heart beating, same lungs breathing, same blood flowing. I believe we all seek to live a happy life, no matter what race we are, what religion we believe in, our culture, our language…we all seek some sort of fulfilment. People behave and do terrible things just to pursuit this need, however when inflicting pain and suffering in your own family (living beings), the outcome is nothing but hatred and suffering.

We are not evil. We are humans, we have compassion and care in our nature. We want good for us and your family. We want to nurture one another and bring happiness and fulfilment to our lives. When did we forget the basics of our nature? When did selfishness and hatred took over our compassionate hearts?

Our search for a meaning in live and fulfilment can be a difficult path. It can blind us and make us self centred, not thinking of our entire family but only ourselves. It can lead us to do cruel thing such as using violence against each other…but violence only brings misery.

We must not forget that compassion for others, tolerance and wisdom are the foundation of a fulfilling and happy life. This is the base on which human beings can thrive. Selfishness, violence and hatred in order to reach personal means and beliefs will only lead to misery.

My heart is heavy…my heart is filled with love. Love for the ones we lost, love for the ones who stayed, love for the ones who ran for their lives, love for all the families. My heart is heavy…it is filled with compassion. Compassion for the people who lost their loved ones, compassion for the ones in fear, compassion for the ones in pain. Compassion for the ones who lost their nature.


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