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Be Gentle With Yourself

It has been a really long day. Just got in bed, it’s 9.28pm and my legs are turning into jelly. I told myself I would write on the blog today, I would also like to read, meditate, tidy up my room a bit and prepare my stuff for tomorrow.

I am quite an organised person. I like to plan the things I want to get done in a day and complete them…but after seeing this image on Pinterest I’ve realised how I spent the whole day doing loads of things the best I could at the gym, at school, at work, eating well, being with others, etc. and I am exhausted now!

I’ve done great today! I need to relax more. You should probably do the same. Sometimes we don’t really allow ourselves to be tired or exhausted, but it is okay to just be tired and relax. Tomorrow is a new day!




  1. You’ve such a beautiful soul, that just by reading your posts, my day gets a little bit brighter… Thank you for your lovely messages in my blog and for the support! You deserve the best xxx

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