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My Bright Morning Routine

I classify my ‘bright mornings’ as the ones I don’t have to rush for school or when I have a bit more time. Usually I get to do this 2 to 4 times a week and it is a routine I really treasure as these are my BRIGHT MORNINGS! They allow me to start the day with clarity, gratefulness and peace.

1. Waking up

I truly love to wake up, I tend to never wake up after 9am, usually I wake up at 8.30 and cuddle with the covers from a bit and stretch…the first morning stretch is the best thing ever!

2. Breakfast

As soon as get up I open my blind, put on a jumper and go downstairs to start making breakfast. I always have one or two big glasses of water whilst cooking. If you have read my “What I Ate Today” posts you know I usually have porridge for breakfast, however today I had two pieces of toasts with banana and an orange. Tea has become an essential thing for me, so I always make a delicious big cup of tea!

3. Meditation

After having breakfast I sit comfortably on my bed and enjoy a few slips of my tea and relax and meditate for about 15 minutes. I love meditating in the morning (something I never used to do). I find that it helps me be more present and aware throughout the rest of my day. I love taking this time to connect with my body and allow my mind to have some clarity for the day ahead. Once I am done, I finish my tea and check my diary to record how I am feeling.

4. Getting Ready

I put on some music and start getting ready! Between singing and dancing I put my wakeup on and throw on some clothes. I then put all I need for the day in my gym bag, including food for the day, brush my teeth, put on perfume and accessories and voila!

  5. Reading

If I have time before I get the bus I usually read for a bit. Somehow this is sort of another form of meditation for me. Taking time to read really calms me down, settles my mind and gives me some head space. However, I not always have time for this.

6. I’m off!

That’s it! I am out of the house! I leave at different times depending on the day and what I have to do, usually get the bus to town whilst listening to some music and appreciating the amazing start of the day I had!

Thank you so much for reading babes, lots of love,

Ines x 


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