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Letting Go

“I realised for the the first time that letting go is even more important than adding.”

Be prepared for a good ramble and loads of thoughts…

I have been thinking about this sentence for a couple of days now. At first I disagreed, I believe that cultivating and ‘adding’ knowledge into your life is an essential factor to achieve happiness and fulfilment. I still believe in that.

However, the other day I was tidying my room and getting rid of unnecessary things when I recalled something I read a long time ago…it stated that we do not get rid of things because we are either attached to the past or scared of the future. This idea completely changed the way I saw my possessions and made me reevaluate my choices.

I learned from my past experiences, they are now knowledge that I carry with me everyday. Being attached to possessions just because they remind me of the past does not influence what I have learned and who I am now. Even though it is nice to keep photographs and certain objects, we need to be able to realise when they become clutter rather than a treasure. Accepting that we do not need those possessions in our life and letting go of them is making our space our present. Our space should represent our present…who we are, what we like, what inspires us right now.

Same goes for being scared of the future. Being scared of the future leads to worrying, anxiety and it keeps us from living fully in the present moment. I always used to keep shoe boxes…just in case I needed them one day. Why was I scared to not have storage? It makes no sense to me now! Being scared of not having storage in the future made me clutter my place with empty cardboard boxes. Instead of thinking with a present mind and realising that I do not need a cardboard box, I made a decision based on the future and my fears (even if unconsciously). Getting rid of these items and only having what you need in the present moment in your space is one of the best ways, in my opinion, to live a more fulfilling and mindful life.

Letting go of past experiences is also extremely important and something I am daily working on. Personally I struggle with letting go of negative experiences or unpleasant moments of my past. Not necessarily horrible things, it can be a simple argument or the way someone made me feel one day, specially if the person is someone very close to my heart. Every time an unpleasant memory pops in my head and tries to shake my good vibes I tell myself: “You have dealt with this in the past, you have learned from it, it is resolved, let it go”. No, it is not easy, especially the first couple of times but it has been such an amazing exercise for my mind and has definitely helped me live more in the present rather being constantly revisiting my past. Looking back now, I realise how many times I have let these unpleasant memories influence my present state of mind.

Like a lot of people, I love travelling, I love “adding” new views, cultures, languages and foods into my mind and soul. I have always thought that travelling was one of the best things you could do to grow emotionally, spiritually and intellectually as you learn and observe other cultures and beautiful beings. However, my view on travelling has changed. I now believe that letting go of the places you have been is more important than adding other ones to your list. A lot of people get fixated on a trip they loved and live their lives wanting to relive it as it was the best time of their lives. I have been through that…but I now realise that it is more important to accept that those moments can never be brought back. It makes me grateful for the knowledge and growth I got from them and I am sure I will always carry that within me. And that is what I focus on. Now when I think of a past adventures I think of how those moments are still within me rather than wishing go back in time and desire something else that is not my present. Desiring other than the present leads to unhappiness, unfulfillment  and often make us blind to the beauty of our everyday lives.

Anyway, I could go on about this for a couple more hours but I think it is enough for tonight. Time for me to get some sleep. Hope you enjoyed reading about what has been on my mind. Until next time…Cheerio!



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