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What I Ate Today (Vegan) #2

 Hi guys! Today I decided to show you what I put in my belly. I really like reading these type of posts to get some inspiration, new recipe ideas and some little tips and tricks. So I hope you find this post useful specially if you are a student like me and are always on the hunt for quick yet delicious foods to eat.

8.15 am – Water – water water water! When I wake up the first thing I do is go to the kitchen and drink at least one cup of water.

8.30 am – Breakfast – This is my favourite time of the day! Today I cooked some chunky oats with soya milk and chunks of dates. As for toppings, I just added a few more bits of dried dates, some seeds and almond flakes. This was literally heaven! Of course I had my usual tea, today I went for rose black tea. I also take my oils and vitamins with my breakfast.

11.00 am – Snack – This is a bit random…I had 3 dates and a few almonds before I went to the gym. I just wanted something light to give me a bit more energy for the 2 hours ahead. Dates have a lot of sugar so they give me a bust of energy and the almonds slowly release energy and keep me full for a bit longer.

1.20 pm – Lunch – For lunch I had half of this “Zesty Bean Quinoa” bag from Iceland which is so yummy and super easy to do! I heated it up before I left for school on a frying pan for about 5 minutes, added some chickpeas, mushrooms and 2 falafels for some extra filling and voila! Quick, delicious and inexpensive! Highly highly recommend checking out Iceland for cheap vegan options. Oh yeah! I also had a tangerine! I love tangerines!

4.45 pm – Snack – I was pretty hungry by now so I had one pear and one banana as I left school to get the bus home. I am that girl at school that always carries fruit around!

5.45 pm – Snack 2.0 – When I got home I needed some more food so I had two bits of soda bread (which I love) with non-dairy butter, 1/4 of an avocado and some blueberries. As for tea, I decided to have a classic earl grey tea.

6.15 pm – Snack 3.0 – I grabbed another piece of bread!

 8.20 pm – Dinner – I forgot to take a picture of my dinner! But anyway, I had left overs. Mashed potato with a roasted vegetable roll and salad. It actually looked really time i will definitely get a picture of it!

That was it, that was my day. Hope you enjoyed this post, I really like making these. Thank you for reading. Lots of love,

Ines x



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