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The Path To A Mindful And Fulfilling Life

The Eightfold Path

The Eightfold Path is something I have been very interested about as I intend to continue my journey to a brighter, happier and more mindful life. I have been reading about it and consciously introducing its concepts into my life. I have noticed a massive difference on the way I feel, the way I judge the world and people around me, the way I treat myself and others, the way I organise my life and my priorities, etc. So today I will try my best to introduce you to this way of living.

Basically The Eightfold Path is believed by Buddhism to be the way to cease suffering and by ceasing suffering you are then able to reach Nirvana (enlightenment and spiritual clarity).

The path includes 8 factors, however, these should not be seen as steps or stages to complete but as basic things to continuously work on.  

  1. Right View: the acceptance of Buddhist teaching and experiencing them.
  2. Right Resolve: making a serious commitment to developing right attitudes
  3. Right Speech: speaking the truth and speaking is a thoughtful and sensitive way.
  4. Right Action: abstaining from wrongful bodily behaviour such as stealing, killing, lying, abusing intoxicants, etc.
  5. Right Livelihood: not engaging in an occupation that causes harm to others.
  6. Right Effort: gaining control of your thoughts and cultivating positive states of mind.
  7. Right Mindfulness: cultivating constant awareness
  8. Right Meditation: developing deep levels of mental calm through multiple techniques that concentrate the mind.

These 8 factors are divided into 3 categories: Wisdom, Meditation and Morality.

Wisdom includes Right View and Right Resolve. Morality includes Right Speech, Right Action and Right Livelihood. Meditation includes Right Effort, Right Mindfulness and Right Meditation.

As you can now probably tell, The Eightfold Path is a path to self-transformation. It involves developing  yourself intellectually, emotionally and morally. It is the path in which a person can pursuit and cultivate knowledge and moral virtues in order to overcome selfishness and become more mindful, aware and fulfilled.

Personally this way of living has made me be more conscious and aware of who I really am, how I actually feel and what I want to do. It made me developed a stronger relationship with myself. I relationship based on trust, love, companionship and respect. I am more aware of how my body feels, how my mind works and how other people and the world are fascinating.

I hope this post inspired you and made you reflect on this lifestyle. If you feel like it is something you would like to try out, just go for it.

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” – Buddha



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