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Make Yourself A Priority

Sometimes we move too fast. We get so use to moving fast we don’t even realise we do it anymore. We spend so much time scrolling down our social media feeds, listening to music when actually we are not even paying attention to it, reading caption after caption. We are constantly being bombarded with so much information.

It is easy to become overwhelmed. It is also easy to not be aware of it. It is easy to just go with the flow. It’s like walking in the streets of London…you start walking peacefully enjoying your music and after a couple minutes you find yourself rushing to your destination, following the pace of the crowd and completely forget about the lovely music you were listening to.

The same thing happens when you are, for example, on the bus. Simply sitting there waiting to get to your destination. Without realising, you put your earphones on and start listening to music. Whilst you are on your phone you quickly check all your social media, text people and check all your social media again. Then you ask yourself why you just spent 10 minutes scrolling down your Facebook feed…

I think nowadays a lot of people spend their days in this state of  “overwhelm(ness)”, moving from one place to another, rushing thoughts, loosing track of what they actually want to do and unaware of how their mind and body feel.

We devote so much of our time into the things we perceive as important such as work, the assignment due next week, socialising with friends, watching the new episode of our favourite series, checking our phone…

Taking care of yourself should also be seen as a priority. We need to devote time to be within ourselves, allowing ourselves to relax, to clear our  mind, to get away of all the information around us. Giving yourself time is the best act of self-love you can possible do. It is acknowledging that taking care of your mind and body is a priority…that your well-being is impprtant. For example, this evening I treated myself to a hot bath and just sat there with myself, my thoughts and relaxed. However, normally I use meditation as my ‘break’ from everything and focus on connecting with myself. But you don’t have to meditate, you can just lay in bed and breathe or turn off all electronics and sit for 10 minutes whilst enjoying a hot tea. It can be very simple.

The enlightenment and growth you get from taking time for yourself will help you live more in the present and less in a “rushed” or overwhelming state…but that is for a whole other post.

Hope today’s post inspired you to practice self-love and to make yourself a priority for a few minutes everyday. Thank you so much for reading and being here. Lots of love,

Ines x


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