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2016 Non – Resolutions

This is the first year I don’t have any resolutions. I do not wish for anything. In 2015 I found that my best and brightest moments were not the ones I wished for. This year I want to live in the present being grateful and excited for the future ahead no matter what it brings. Of course I would love to get into Uni for example, but I am in peace with what the future holds for me, I know whatever it is I will grow from it.

Keeping that in mind, I do believe that the state of your mind and soul have a massive impact on your future and how you face what happens in your life. In my opinion, one of the most important factors maintain a healthy mind and soul is your space. The energies you get from your environment are an important factor when determining your success, mindset, sense of fulfilment, etc.

Last year I read the very popular book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo which really reenforced my already fascination for the link between space and success, fulfilment and life in general. I have always tried to keep things minimalistic and organised around me, as I find that it the way I feel the best. I have cleaned out my closet numerous times, I have organised papers and folders over and over again, however I never felt completely happy with the final result. I suppose that is because my mind itself was cluttered and unclear.

This year, 2016, my mind is now clear and nurtured. It is time to properly clear out my space. To do so, I have gathered (with the help of the internet) a 30 Steps to Minimalism  challenge. The aim of these steps is to reduce things that are just taking space in my life and not actually contributing for my happiness and well-being.

It will be a challenge that I am very much looking forward to. It is just like a check list that you can easily follow. Just remember to be true to yourself and complete each step at the best of your abilities always keeping in mind your goal: to create an environment that make you feel your best so you can have your brightest year!

I will be keeping you updated on how I am getting on with the challenge. Good luck if you do give it a try. Thank you so much for reading. Lots of love,

Ines x



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