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What I Ate Today {Vegan} #1

People are constantly asking me what I eat. Most people think because I decided to have a vegan diet I can only eat salad. So I decided to make this post, this is what I eat in a regular school day.

9.00am – Breakfast: Banana and peanut butter porridge! One of my favourite breakfasts ever. I have a blog post dedicated to this amazing recipe that you can check out here:  recipe. The only difference is that today I decided to add some seeds on top for extra crunch (poppy, pumpkin and sunflower seeds). I also had some Jasmine tea…my new obsession.

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9.45am – Coffee Break: simple black coffee because I looove coffee, specially in the morning when I am relaxing. I don’t necessarily use it to wake me up as I don’t think caffeine does anything for me, I just love the taste of coffee.

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1.20pm – Lunch: Today I had a tostie with spinach, kidney beans, sweet corn and onion, it was delicious! On the side I just had beans, spinach, sweet corn and onions – basically the rest of the filling, I just added a bit of salt, lemon juice, pepper and apple vinaigrette for some extra flavour.

On Tuesdays I always do resistance training (weight lifting) and plyometric exercises so I always try to eat a lot of beans with wheat (bread for example) to increase my intake of protein to help muscle recovery.

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5.00pm – Snack: I was so hungry by now. I usually eat more between meals but today I was too busy. Anyway, this is my favourite bar ever! The ingredients are amazing and it’s super delicious and filling. Cashews and dates together in a bar…it’s basically happiness in the form of a bar.

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5.40pm – Snack II: When I got home I was starving and craving peanut butter (as always), so I had one piece of toast with peanut butter and on the side I had a bowl with one chopped apple and pear.

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8.30pm – Dinner: This is one of my favourite pasta recipes…well it’s not really a recipe, it’s just something I came up with one day and have been obsessed with since! I love how green it looks, it’s super yuumy and it is the perfect treat for a relaxing night watching Netflix. I might do an entire post just dedicated to this amazing pasta.

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Hope this post was useful if you are trying to get some inspiration for quick healthy meals. I might do some more of these posts in the future as it is a good way for me to track what I am eating as well. Lots of love,

Ines x


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