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Accept The Uncontrollable Things In Life

I love the rain when it’s raining and the sun when it’s sunny

The weather in England completely changed this last couple of days. It went from pretty mild to freezing cold, windy and snow. I was on the bus this morning wrapped in a big jacket and chunky scarf…I looked outside and the sun, like everyone on the bus, was just starting to wake up. I couldn’t stop starring outside, I was amazed by the beauty surrounding me, the same old bus journey suddenly seemed so special, almost magical.

“I love Winter” I thought to myself. But as soon as I said that I realised I actually also love the Summer and felling the sun burning my skin. The other day it was raining, and I loved the smell of the rain in the morning, the crazy curly hair and the feeling of protection when you have your big coat on…I loved it.

And then I realised that I love the rain when it’s raining and the sun when it’s sunny. Saying this and actually believing in it was in some way…liberating. It was accepting that there are things in life you can’t control or change (such as the weather) but you can still accept them and perhaps even end up loving them. Being able to accept the uncontrollable things in life is something I feel like a lot of people struggle with, I know I definitely did, but it is fundamental in order to have a fulfilled life and soul. Being able to be see the good in both rain and sun…being in peace with what the world presents.

Of course it is not pleasant to be soaked and cold, however the message I want to put across with this blog post is that felling angry or frustrated because it is raining will only make you soaked, cold and frustrated, it won’t change the weather and it will surely not make you feel better.

This is why it is so important to accept these uncontrollable things…the bus won’t come faster if you get anxious and angry (I am definitely guilty for doing this). I now accept that the bus is always late and when it is on time…well then it makes me smile and that’s always good. It can take time to “readjust” your mind to accept and to control the emotions you get when you look outside and the weather is not as pleasant as you wished for. I believe that the key to achieve this is by not judging. Try not to judge if the weather is “good” or “bad”, the weather is just what it is. And this goes for so many other things…including the bus. The bus is just late, there is literally nothing more to it, the bus is simply late.

This is something I consciously work on everyday and have noticed a massive improvement on my mindset torwards little things in our everyday lives (even silly things like not having wifi). I really believe this is a skill that people need to become more aware of and work to improve it or maintain it.

Tomorrow it will be freezing cold, it’s gonna be a good day.

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