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How To Deal With Frustration? 

Frustration: “(…) common emotional response to opposition. Related to anger and disappointment, it raises from the perceived resistances to the fufuillment of individual will. The greater the obstruction and the greater the will the more frustration is likely to be.”

I believe all of us have experienced the emotion of frustration. I probably didn’t even need to google its definition as we are all so familiar with it, however, I saw the act of writing this definition almost as an act of acceptance, and that is what I want you all to see as well.

Accept that frustration is a common and natural response that humans have. Instead of feeling guilty for feeling frustrated or feeling like you have to suppress it, try to accept that you as a human are likely to be frustrated when you have a will and feel like there is an obstruction keeping you from achieving what you want or believe in.

I found myself very frustrated today – hence why I feel so inspired to write this post. I haven’t always been the best at dealing with this emotion, however I feel like I have definitely improved a lot and that I am now able to deal with it a lot better.

I personaly think that there are 4 steps in order to deal with frustration:

1. Express it – this could either be by talking to other people about it, writing, singing, drawing, painting…whatever you find more comfortable or suitable. Just express why you are feeling frustrated.

2. Accept it – accept that you have this emotion and that you feel frustrated about something. It is okay to feel this way. This can be a hard step but just remember that frustration is a natural response. Accept that you can get frustrated and that frustration is part of life. Understand that frustration is temporary and that you are able to manage it and deal with it.

3. Deal with it – this is when you create your ‘action plan’. What do you have to do to get rid of your frustration? Find the source of your frustration and make a plan on how are you going to deal with it and change it. I personally find that I need to write things down so I will literally make bullet points of what I am going to do. You just have to practice and find what is the best way for you to create an action place i.e. some people might find that drawing works the best for them.

4. Solve it – now you just have to put your action plan to practice. Make sure you go through and complete all the bullet points in your list (in my case) of things you need to do in order to deal with the source of frustration.

Once you have accepted your frustration and found a way to deal with it make sure you that you turn your energy into something else. Don’t give it much more thought, fill your mind with things that give you positive vibes. Think about the great things that happened throughout your day, read a book, listen to music, sing out loud, dance…and then as soon as you get an opportunity and you are full of positive energy and vibrant vibes put your master plan in action and beat frustration.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you found something that serves you in this post. Lots of love,

Ines x




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